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The Well Brewing Company: Brewing The Democratic Way

This new Calgary-based brewery is thinking up some creative and innovative ways to get beer lovers involved in what they drink while earning some much needed capital for its new enterprise.

The Well Brewing Company: Brewing The Democratic Way

In our Coming to a Beer Mug Near You series, we have discussed many of the breweries that have come out earlier in the year and also companies that will start brewing this summer and fall. Another one to add to the LONG list is The Well Brewing Company.


What is Crown Funding?

As many start-ups know, securing money for a business is not easy. It requires a lot of creative thinking. Crowd funding has become very popular these days for many start ups (Check out these two articles on our sister site Just Wine “Crowd Funding Takes Root in Wine Industry and Wins Gold” and “The Cryos Wine Chiller is the World’s First and Only Instant Wine Chiller”). In crowd funding, a company or project gets the capital it needs in exchange for different incentives. The incentives are granted based on the level of funding a funder provides to the fledgling company. This gives “the little people” like you and me, the possibility to invest in companies, we believe in, with the small funds we have. Instead of getting venture capital from one or two big investors which is a lot harder than it sounds, the company gets little sums from a lot of investors (still difficult but sometimes an easier feat than finding those one or two big investors).


The Well Beer Image
Image by: The Well Brewing Company


Crowd Incentives: The Well Brewing Company Introduces Memberships

Quinn Wilton of The Well Brewing Company has taken it one step further and offered memberships. Memberships not only help him get the start up capital he requires, members get a variety of incentives, like regular crowd funding initiatives, but Quinn has added one more incentive. And for beer-lovers this is a HUGE incentive! Members get a ballot vote on what type of beer is produced. According to Quinn the idea came to him while he was doing research for his entrepreneurship class at Mount Royal University:

“I had volunteered at a farm a few summers ago that had what was called a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program, which is where people pay a membership fee to the farm and got a weekly produce box in return. When I started doing research for my class I wanted to do something that was a little different, and so far the reaction has been great…we have a list of over 500 people who are interested in purchasing them, so I think it has definitely been successful.”

Quinn Wilton of Well Brewing
Image by: Well Brewing Company


While memberships are not yet being sold, you can contact Quinn to get your name on the list. From the website, the levels are as follows:


Cascade = $175/YR

One of the most popular hops represents our basic membership, Cascade. Simple, yet effective, our Cascade membership offers input into the beer that is produced and is supplied bimonthly with a supply of The Well beer. The entirety of this membership includes…

  • Membership Package (Personal Membership Card, Two (2) The Well Coasters)
  • 1 Ballot/ Vote Held
  • Partnership Access
  • Free Admission to The Well Events
  • 4-pack of beer every other month


Chinook = $250/YR

Our mid-level membership is represented by a hop that is a craft brewers delight. Chinook members offer input into the beer as well a few extra perks, including more beer! A 4-pack every month keeps every craft beer lover satisfied! The entirety of this membership includes…

  • Membership Package (Personal Membership Card, Two (2) The Well Coasters, T-Shirt)
  • 1 Ballot/ Vote Held
  • Partnership Access
  • Free Admission to The Well Events
  • 4-pack of beer monthly


Simcoe = $500/YR

Simcoe hops, like our most prestigious membership, are heavily involved in crafting a strong beer. This membership allows for the most input into the type of beers that The Well brews. Meetings with the executive team and first access to new brews brings our prestigious members to the forefront of the brewing process. The entirety of this membership includes…

  • Membership Package (Personal Membership Card, Two (2) The Well Coasters, T-Shirt, The Well Glass)
  • First Access to New Brews
  • A Seat at Executive Meetings
  • 1 Ballot/ Vote Held
  • Partnership Access
  • Free Admission to The Well Events
  • 4-pack of beer monthly

(Only 15 Simcoe memberships will be active at any given time)


The Well Brewing Company is working on the AGLC licensing and hopes to get brewing by August/September 2016. They will be contract brewing out of Cold Garden Beverage Company another recently opened Calgarian Brewery. We wish Quinn and the Well Brewing Company the best of luck and look forward to trying their brews come fall.


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