It looks as if Calgary City Council is about to raise a glass to local brewers.

And by ‘raise a glass,’ we mean relax regulations.

Administration is recommending council approve a new land use definition called ‘brewery, winery and distillery.’


If approved by council, it would make it easier for brewers of beer, wine and spirits to set up their operations in just about any discretionary commercial or industrial space, instead of having to seek out light or medium industrial zones.

The new regulations would let those breweries give tours, sample their wares on site during tours, and host a retail operation.

They’ll also be allowed to have a 75 square meter (800 square foot) area where customers can buy and drink goods on site – otherwise known as a bar.

The rules do not apply to brewpubs, which brew and sell their goods for on-site consumption only, and are not allowed to sell bottles for take-out. Brewpubs are already accommodated by the city.

Dan Allard, who’s in the middle of opening his brewery Cold Garden, said he thinks the bylaw change will bring the city up to speed with popular beer towns like Portland and Vancouver.

“It’s totally fantastic. I think the city realizes this will create jobs — I’ve been explaining to them the whole time that these brewpubs are like coffee shops, not nightclubs.”

Dan Allard, Head of Brewery Operations

Jeremy Simes


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