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Canada’s 150th 12-Pack for Everybody! (Including Quebec)

Quebec beer lovers will not get to sample special 12-pack for Canada’s 150th

Canada’s 150th 12-Pack for Everybody! (Including Quebec)

As this was released the SAQ came to a compromise and will only sell the 12 pack in its stores. It will not sell the 6-packs as the west coast package will not have a Quebec beer bottle in it, nor will it sell the east coast 6-pack because they can’t guarantee a Quebec bottle in every package, but hey something is better than nothing. Right Quebec beer lovers? The following is the original article release when SAQ was refusing to sell the Canada’s 150th Collaboration 12-pack.


Quebec beer lovers will not get a chance to buy a special 12-pack made for Canada’s 150thbirthday.

The “Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration” is a special collection taking part across Canada, with a dozen beers to commemorate the country’s milestone birthday.


The craft-beer mix-pack will feature a beer from every province or territory other than Nunavut, each beer inspired by the province it comes from.

Quebec’s liquor distributor the SAQ has decided not to offer the special beer in its stores, however. In addition, the Quebec law on alcoholic beverages prohibits microbreweries from other provinces from selling directly to convenience stores and grocery stores in Quebec.

“Unfortunately, it appears that the SAQ has made Quebec the only province where the pan-Canadian collaboration will not be taking place. It’s sad but that’s what it is,” said Isaac Tremblay of Le Trou Du Diable, Quebec’s contribution to the 12-pack, in an Instagram post.

SAQ spokesperson Renaud Dugas told CTV Montreal the reason they denied the special issue was because the distributor could not guarantee the Quebec brew would be sold in every pack.

The “Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration” is being sold three ways: as a 12-pack, and as east and west six-packs.

Because the Quebec beer is, of course, not in the west-coast six-pack, the SAQ declined to sell them.

Dugas said they are continuing to deal with the distributor to find a solution that would include the Quebec guarantee.

“This is an evolving issue at the moment. We are currently in discussions with the supplier to see if it would be possible to negotiate a distribution agreement, at the convenience of everyone, which would address certain issues, in particular logistics,” said Dugas.


The Quebec government invested $441,500 into Le Trou Du Diable in 2015 to help complete two investment projects worth $1.7 million, helping to create nearly 50 jobs at the Shawinigan microbrewery.

Quebecers will have to cross the Ontario border to purchase the 150th mix-pack at the LCBO or Beer Store.

Here’s the full list of the brewery collaborations on offer in the 150 12-pack:

More about the collaboration here:

Check out all the fabulous breweries across Canada:

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