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Celebrating The History of Women Brewsters

Women beer-makers throughout history celebrated at Waterloo Region Museum.

Celebrating The History of Women Brewsters

Original article on CBC News

The Waterloo Region Museum has a great new exhibit inspired by the growing number of women that are getting involved in the craft beer industry. This shouldn’t surprise people so much as traditionally women were the main brewsters, so really these women are just coming back to their roots.

The exhibit takes you through the history of women brewers from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia through the middle ages and up to modern women, in a fascinating beer journey.

Read more about women’s departure from the beer industry and the new rise in women brewsters like Canadian beer pioneer Susannah Oland, the driving force behind Moosehead Breweries on CBC News.


If I B U I’d Seriously Read More About Women & The Craft Beer Industry:

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