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5 Beer Barbecue Sauce Recipes for Your Craft Beer & BBQ Pairings

The rich flavours of BBQ need something to cut through them, and nothing works better than a fizzy, hoppy, malty brew. Here are the best craft beer and barbecue meat pairings to amp up your summer bbq party. Plus, 5 delicious beer barbeque sauce recipes you can make at home.

5 Beer Barbecue Sauce Recipes for Your Craft Beer & BBQ Pairings

Let’s face it, barbecuing is the best way to cook meat any time of the year (if the weather allows for it), and beer is the perfect side to any barbecued meal. The bold and basic flavours of bbq’d meats make pairing beers super easy.


How to Pair BBQ’d Meats with Beer


Barbecued Chicken and Craft Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pair best with chicken meals?

Lighter beers pair better with the mild flavours of chicken. If your chicken meal calls for a light and citrusy marinade, reach for a pale ale or a saison. If you’re more into spicer flavours, like jerk chicken, India Pale Ales will pair great. If you’re barbecuing your chicken with a sweet and crispy skin, opt for something lighter, like a vienna or helles lager.

JustBeer’s favourite beers to pair with chicken:

West Coast Pale AlePostmark Brewing
Chinook SaisonBanded Peak Brewing Company
Lazy Mutt So Cal IPAMinhas Micro Brewery
Stumblebee LagerProper Brewing Company


BBQ’d Fish and Beer Pairings:

Beers that pair great with grilled salmon, shrimp, trout, etc.?

India pale ales, and other beer styles that fall under the hoppy & bitter profile, pair very nicely with meaty fish. The bitterness of your beer will cut through the oiliness of your barbecued fish.

JustBeer’s favourite beers to pair with grilled fish:

Citradelic Single Hop Citra IPABig Rock Brewery
UntouchableSpeakeasy Ales & Lagers
Bengal LancerFuller’s Brewery
Rogue’s Roost IPAPrince Edward Island Brewing Co.


Burger and Beer Pairings:

Which styles of beer pair best with beef burgers?

Because burgers are usually a medley of a ton of great flavours, they pair well with many beer styles. Crisp and clean beers go great with any juicy burgers as their crispness and refreshing factors cut through the fattiness in the beef. Next burger night, reach for a pilsner, kölsch, or a bitter lager.

JustBeer’s favourite beers to pair with a burger:

Noble PilsnerStanley Park Brewing
The Thrill Is GoneParallel 49 Brewing
Nooner PilsnerSierra Nevada Brewing Company
Golden GoddessGoose Island Beer Co.


Pork and Beer Pairings:

How to pair beer with a pork meal?

Belgian brews, like a bière de garde or a saison / farmhouse ale, that have herbal and “peppery” flavours pair great with pork that has been grilled but is not drenched in a bbq sauce. Fruity and spicy brews, like a fruit beer or a hefeweizen with strong banana notes, will pair perfectly with any pork tenderloin or pork chop.

JustBeer’s favourite beers to pair with pork:

The KeeperCarter’s Brewing
Yellowhead Mango TangoYellowhead Brewing Company
Red Dawn SaisonCannery Brewing
Entangled HopfenweisseDriftwood Brewery


Ribs and Craft Beer Pairings:

What beers should you pair with your bbq ribs?

Crack open a malty and sweet brew when you’re eating saucy barbecue ribs. Beers with caramel notes and characteristics of dark fruits are great for complimenting the meat and sauce on your ribs. Beer styles like doppelbocks, tripels and dunkels will complete your bbq rib dinner. Are you more of a dry-rub person? Try a witbier, hefeweizen or a märzen. These beers are sweet but they won’t overpower the pork flavours.

JustBeer’s favourite beers to pair with ribs:

Kiss The GoatGigantic Brewing
TransmutationCategory 12 Brewing
Gore’dBarely and Hops Grill
Merry MarzenBig Island Brewhaus


Steak and Beer Pairings:

How to highlight your steak’s flavour with beer?

When choosing a beer to be the perfect pairing for your steak, look for beers that will add to the richness of your meal without getting overshadowed. Dry, dark and roasty brews, like stouts, porters and brown ales, can offset the fat in your steak nicely.

JustBeer’s favourite beers to pair with a steak:

Nut Brown AleAleSmith Brewing Co.
Leffe BrunAnheuser-Busch InBev
Milk StoutBlack Bridge Brewery
Apex Predator PorterApex Predator Brewing


Side dishes to pair with a barbecue meal and your beer:

How pair vegetables with your beer?


Avocados & beer:

Avocados and other rich vegetables pair well with refreshing beers with slight hop notes. A lighter India Pale Ale will taste great with any dish that features avocado.

Mushrooms & Beer:

Mushrooms and bbq’d steak go together like peanut butter and jelly. A malty stout will compliment your mushrooms and steak any time of the year. But, if you’re looking for something a little different, try an American strong ale.

Onion Rings & Beer:

Onion rings are a greasy, tasty side that pairs well with any barbecued meal. Try pairing your onion rings with a slightly bitter pale ale.

Tomatoes & Beer:

Acidic vegetables, like tomatoes, pair well with beers that have rich flavours, but a smooth finish. If you’re a tomato lover, pair your meal with a nice amber ale.



5 Beer Barbecue Sauce Recipes Perfect for Your Next Backyard Bash

Making your own barbecue sauce is easier than you think. Homemade sauces usually taste way better than anything purchased in a grocery store. Here are 5 recipes you can follow, or inspire you to come up with your own recipe.


Corona & Lime BBQ Sauce Recipe

Is Corona your go-to beer? Then you will love this barbecue sauce! This recipe makes the perfect sauce, glaze or dip. Tastes great on chicken or steak.


Lager Barbecue Sauce Recipe

This BBQ sauce is full of bold flavours. This is not your typical sweet and sticky sauce. This recipe is perfect for marinating meat and basting. Full of salty and savoury ingredients, this spicy sauce will surprise you.


Simple Malty Beer BBQ Sauce

You can make this malty beer bbq sauce at home using your favourite bock beer. Bocks are great beers to use in barbecue sauces because of their high malt character, with toasty and nutty aromas.


Spicy Beer BBQ Sauce Recipe

This recipe allows you to use any beer you like, along with Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, molasses, and more classic flavours.


Stout & Sriracha Barbeque Sauce

Use your favourite stout to make this spicy, garlic-y bbq sauce. This recipe is perfect to slather all over your homemade barbecue ribs.


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