Debate Drinking Game – What is it and What are the Rules?

The Debate Drinking game is often played around the dem debate– but with this version, you can play it any time. All you’ll need is your friends and a few beers!

Debate Drinking Game – What is it and What are the Rules?

Politics is a pretty tough pill to swallow, but as part of adulting, it’s kind of important that we stay up to date with these things… which at times might include sitting through a political debate. While presidential debates may be in the top 10 most dreadful things to watch ever (Like, we’re tying with bad reality TV)– you can make it a little more bearable with some beer and a drinking game.

The Debate Drinking game (often called the “Democratic Debate Drinking Game”, “Republican Debate Drinking Game” or “Presidential Debate Drinking Game”) is quite similar to the James Bond Drinking Game. Regardless of your political views or where you live, this game is a fun way to get through any political debate.

However, it’s even more fun to play it with your friends. This style of drinking game can be played with any debate– it doesn’t even have to be official; you can grab two friends, give them a topic to debate on, come up with your rules and drink away. Just be sure to have fun, not take anything too seriously, and get your drink on!


Drink Responsibly!

Wait, hold your hops! Before we get into the rules of the Political Debate Drinking Game, we want to disclose that we do not promote binge drinking and advise our readers to always drink responsibly! For more information, click here to learn how to be a responsible drinker.


How to Play the
Debate Drinking Game


What You’ll Need to Play:

  • Beer (of your choice, but preferably not your finest craft brew)
  • A timer
  • Friends
  • Optional: A Political Debate

    (This drinking game does not require a debate amongst friends— but it is more fun. You can also watch a presidential debate. However, we recommend choosing some easy-going friends so another political debate doesn’t start in your living room)


Debate Drinking Game Gameplay:

Group Play (The more fun version)
  1. Pick two friends in the group to debate. (You can also split the group up into two teams!)
  2. The other friends will sit and be the “audience” a.k.a. drinkers and each drinker will pick a candidate.
  3. Pick a topic for the debaters to debate on, having opposing sides, then give them some time to organize their arguments.
  4. Begin a 10-minute debate, giving each person a minute to state a point before switching to the other team.
  5. Listen for the words on the list or the rules and take a drink when you hear one.
  6. Once the timer is up, the audience can decide on a winner (optional) and let the next set of debaters go. If you play in teams, the next person from Team A is up against the next person from Team B. (This game gets more fun as everyone takes turns to be the audience and the debaters. The more you drink, the harder it is to make your point!)


Solo Play (The less fun version)
  1. Pick a presidential debate to watch or watch this presidential debate. (You can do this solo or with some friends)
  2. Pick a candidate. Create rules around the debate and listen for when your candidate says one of the rule words.
  3. Drink! (Presidential debates are long, so we don’t recommend doing this for the whole debate! Always remember to drink responsibly!)


Topic Ideas for the Debate Drinking Game:
  • What is better craft beer or macro beer? (Team A: Pro Craft Beer – Team B: Pro Macro Beer)
  • What is better beer or wine? (This article might be helpful with this one, see the opposing argument on JustWine!)
  • What came first the chicken or the egg? (Team A: The Chicken – Team B: The Egg)
  • Would you rather be unintelligent and rich or intelligent and poor?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Marvel vs DC
  • Which Superhero has the best/most useful powers?


Rules for the Friends Debate Drinking Game:

These “rules” are just ideas. Feel free to leave some out or add in your own.

Take a drink when your candidate…

  • Says “What are you talking about?” (or similar)
  • Doesn’t have an explanation for their point (i.e. It just is!)
  • Insults the opposing teams point (i.e. That’s stupid!)
  • Rolls their eyes
  • Says the word “No” more than twice in a row. (i.e. “No, no, no”)
  • Stutters or slurs their words
  • Loses their train of thought
  • Keeps speaking past the timer
  • Cuts the other candidate off
  • Raises their hand (in permission to speak)

Finish your drink when…

  • Your candidate doesn’t have a rebuttal
  • Both candidates burst out in laughter
  • Your candidate forgets the debate topic/which side they’re on
  • Any candidate drunk burps (this is why we play with beer!)


Rules for the Dem Debate Drinking Game:

Take a drink when your candidate…

  • Says one of the following:
    • Jobs
    • Middle Class
    • Families
    • Fellow Americans
    • Climate Change
    • Taxes
  • Gets cut off
  • Raises their hand (in permission to speak)
  • Rolls their eyes
  • Speaks over someone
  • Says “When I’m President/Prime Minister/Senator/etc…”

Finish your drink when…

  • Any candidate says “Union”
  • Your candidate mentions another candidate’s past
  • Candidates laugh at each other
  • Your candidate insults another party


Did we miss your favourite Debate Drinking Game rule?
Let us know!


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