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A Guide to Dog-Friendly Patios, Pubs, & Breweries in Calgary

With the craft beer trend rising in Calgary, breweries and bars are wanting to stand out from the others. Making your patio dog-friendly is a great way to do this. If you’re a beer-lover AND a dog-lover, make sure to hit up these great places that you can grab a cold brew and chill with your pup.

A Guide to Dog-Friendly Patios, Pubs, & Breweries in Calgary

Wondering which patios in Calgary you can bring your dog to this summer? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of pooch-friendly patios so you never have to leave your dog home alone again!

Not too sure how you feel about our furry friends hanging out nearby while you’re eating and drinking? Check out this article from our sister site — Just Wine.

Of course, rules can change so JustBeer encourages you to call ahead of time to ensure your favourite canine will be able to join you.


Dog & Pet-friendly bars, restaurants, and patios in Calgary


Balzac Craft Brewing Company

Located slightly north of Calgary, Balzac Craft Brewing Company is both pet-friendly and kid-friendly! They also allow outside food, so feel free to bring a snack for your pup and kiddo!


Banded Peak Brewing Company

Not only do the Banded Peak team love dogs, but they also love making clean and fresh beers even more. Dogs are not allowed in the brewery or the taproom but your furry friend is allowed to accompany you while you enjoy a beer on their outdoor patio.


Boogie’s Burgers

At Boogie’s Burgers Renfrew location, you can temporarily tie your dog to the fence while you go inside to place your order. Bring your meal out to the patio where your dog can join you.


Booker’s BBQ & Crab Shack

Right along the river path, you can find a dog-friendly patio at this 21-year-old crab shack. All you need to do is to keep your dog on a leash.


Caffe Beano

Caffe Beano has more of a sidewalk bench set-up than an actual patio, but you will find dog bowls filled with cold water around the area for your pup to stay hydrated while you enjoy your snack or drink.


Citizen Brewing Company

With locations in Highland Park and Tuxedo, the Citizen Brewing Company allows dogs on their outdoor patio. You can bring your whole family along to enjoy a nice meal and beer while you’re at it. They even sell a Citizen Dog Bandana so your pooch is properly dress for this occasion.


Cold Garden Beverage Company

Cold Garden is a micro-brewery located just 10 minutes east of the Calgary Tower. The best thing about Cold Garden Beverage Company? You can bring your dogs inside any day, at any time.


Garage Sports Bar

Located in Eau Claire Market, the Garage Sports Bar not only has foosball, pinball, darts, pool tables, and a bunch of TVs, but they also allow dogs on their spacious patio.


Midtown Kitchen & Bar

Midtown Kitchen & Bar loves dogs and is 100% welcoming to any dog of any shape or size. Your dog can relax with you on the patio while you enjoy a cold one in the heart of Kensington.


Oak Tree Tavern

While dogs are not allowed on Oak Tree Tavern’s rooftop patio, they do have a second patio on the ground level where dogs are most welcome, so long as they are wearing a leash.


One Night Stan’s

One Night Stan’s is a bar room and “divery” and is also one of the first bars along 17th Avenue that started allowing pups onto their patio. One Night Stan’s loves their #diverydogs.


The Dog & Duck Public House and Restaurant

Soak in the sun and enjoy a pint with friends, coworkers, and your dog! The Dog & Duck real grass patio has always been and will always be dog-friendly.



Do you know of more breweries, bars, or restaurants that allow dogs?
Let us know so we can help spread the word!

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