Drinking These Beers From Vancouver Island Brewing Will Help Save the Orcas

Lovers of whales, rejoice! Vancouver Island Brewing has partnered with the Pacific Salmon Foundation to release the Pod Pack, which will have part of its proceeds go towards protecting coasting wildlife!

Drinking These Beers From Vancouver Island Brewing Will Help Save the Orcas

We’re all worried about the environment, and looking at how we can help in new and creative ways whenever we can! Beer lovers especially, as we all have dilemmas using cans and dealing with the plastic rings, etc.

What if you could take it one step further, and look towards saving the whales?

This is where Vancouver Island Brewing comes in – they have launched the “Pod Pack”, a collaboration with the Pacific Salmon Foundation, which will donate $1 from every Pod Pack to the foundation.


What is the Pacific Salmon Foundation?

According to their website, The Pacific Salmon Foundation was established in 1987 in order to conserve and protect wild pacific salmon populations in British Columbia and the Yukon. They are responsible for managing watershed initiatives, advancing pacific salmon programs and working with local government to ensure the development of environmentally sound science.

Manages watershed initiatives in British Columbia that catalyze industry, First Nations, provincial and federal governments, and other non-profits. Advances science to improve the understanding of factors that limit the abundance of pacific salmon. Works with the government to prioritize and facilitate strategic salmon conservation in the province.

In conjunction with Vancouver Island Brewing, The Pacific Salmon Foundation and one dollar from every Pod Pack sold will be counted on for preserving the population of wild pacific salmon, which are a primary food source for British Columbia’s killer whales.



How Does the Pod Pack Save Killer Whales?

The Pod Pack was created in collaboration with other Vancouver Island breweries in an effort to preserve local ocean life surrounding the island. The tall can mix pack, which comes in recyclable boxes instead of beer rings, features four different beers from across Vancouver Island. These unique beers are named after orca whales who reside in the southern area around the island, cementing their commitment to these magnificent creatures.

There are the four beers included in the Pod Pack:

Ocean Sun by White Sails Brewing – Nanaimo, BC
Rainshadow by Twin City Brewing – Port Alberni, BC
Mystic by Île Sauvage Brewing – Victoria, BC
Deadhead by Land and Sea Brewing – Comox, BC


If you’re more interested in the importance of this partnership between Vancouver Island Brewing and Pacific Salmon Foundation, check out this short documentary talking about the Pod Pack and why it’s made!



Why Did Vancouver Island Brewing Become Involved?

Chris Bjerrisgaard, the Marketing Director of Vancouver Island Brewing said in an interview that VIB intends to raise upwards of $20,000 for Pacific Salmon Foundation and that this initiative was meant to support the environment and the community.

“One, is that our logo is a southern resident killer whale and we wanted to be able to make sure we’re supporting them and doing what we can to sustain them so they can continue to exist well into the future,” said Bjerrisgaard. “The orca just really represents Vancouver Island as a whole – in how they exist in communities, are friendly and work together in large groups,”

An orca is used as the logo for Vancouver Island Brewing.

“It’s probably the most iconic animal for the island itself; it’s very specific to the coast of British Columbia.”

“We wanted to do something fun, push our limits and see what kind of innovative products we could make within the craft beer community,” said Bjerrisgaard. He’s hoping to build a stronger community amongst craft breweries on Vancouver Island.

If you’d like to donate, please visit the Pod Pack website.


Where Can You Buy the Vancouver Island Brewing Pod Pack?

The Pod Packs are available in local liquor stores, starting the last week of July 2019 and expanding their reach from there. Next time you’re looking for a brew, consider the Pod Pack and consider our country’s whales!


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