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Eagles Fans Throw Beer Cans at Vikings Fans

There was no sportsman-like conduct in Philly this weekend. As the Eagles and Vikings duked it out, so did their fans.

Eagles Fans Throw Beer Cans at Vikings Fans

“I’d rather be in Philly” not this past weekend, you wouldn’t W.C. Fields.

The NFL game this weekend saw the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings 38-7, but it also saw some very disorderly behavior from fans.

Vikings fans got beer cans thrown at them as they entered the game.

Eagles Fans Throw Beer Cans at Vikings Fans


According to this report, Eagles fans were throwing beer cans not only at fans, but the Vikings’ team bus as well. And there’s more! See for yourselves!

Eagles fans throw beer cans at the Vikings’ Team Bus


Another source reported that this was in retaliation for Vikings’ fans disrespectful behavior towards important Philadelphia landmarks and icons.

Vikings Fans Disrespect Rocky and the Rocky Stairs


So who’s right and who’s wrong? Well, when there’s violence nobody really wins. We know that sports raises a lot of passions, but let’s try to keep it clean so everyone can enjoy the game.


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