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The Beer Maven’s Top 13 Beers for the Fall Season

With autumn arriving, it’s time to get out your favourite sweaters and start sipping on brewery’s seasonal brews. Sondra Baker, A.K.A. The Beer Maven, is bringing us her top 13 beers that pair best with crisp mornings, crunchy leaves, and everything fall!

The Beer Maven’s Top 13 Beers for the Fall Season

Most breweries get into the seasonal spirit with specialty features. Being a whole-hearted Autumn fan, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Pumpkin and Non Pumpkin Fall Craft Beers in the West. When the sun goes down and the leaves change color grab one of these 13 beauties to warm you up.


The Beer Maven’s Favourite Fall Beers:


Pumpkin Pie Spiced AleAlley Kat

If I had to take a pie to the face I’d take this one (minus the bottle). Full on pumpkin pie, ginger, cinnamon, the works. All turned into a liquid gold. I think Alley Kat Brewery snuck into Grandma’s kitchen and worked her recipe into the brew. Absolutely knocked this out of the park, a fall must try since 2007. ABV%: 5.4

Image by: The Beer Maven


Hollow TreeBig Rock Brewery

Pacific Northwest style red ale, this is a malted hop marriage with a deep toffee caramel kiss. Opposites attract and they make the cutest babies… I mean beers. ABV%: 5.8

Image by: The Beer Maven


Chestnut AleWhistler Brewing Co.

Roasted chestnuts and vanilla create a lust worthy full mouthfeel that you can’t stop yearning for. A.K.A: the sexy secretary, you know you shouldn’t but it’s so damn good, and you can’t stop at just one. You also feel the need to divulge your little trist to everyone you meet. Welcome to Whistler! ABV%: 5

Image by: The Beer Maven


Toothless Pumpkin SourPhillips Brewing & Malting Company

A bright golden amber pour. Phillips Toothless Sour endlessly lingers on your palate living up to its namesake. Pumpkin makes a play for your taste buds and hits a soured homerun. ABV%: 4.7

Image by: The Beer Maven


Crooked Tooth Pumpkin AlePhillips Brewing & Malting Company

Refreshingly light pumpkin and spiced infused ale from Phillips. The seasonal ingredients lightly flirt with your taste buds . If your not sure about pumpkin beers and are looking for an ale first with hints of the big orange veggie this is your fall beer. If your very much into the big orange then that’s where CrookedER comes in. ABV%: 5

Image by: The Beer Maven


Crookeder Tooth Barrel Aged Pumpkin AlePhillips Brewing & Malting Company

With an added vanilla bourbon hit, this is the crazy cousin of Crooked Tooth. This cousin spent a lot of time in the gym with some injected helpers. Boozed up and barrel aged there’s nothing not to like and alot to love. ABV%: 7.3

Image by: The Beer Maven


Green Reaper IPAPhillips Brewing & Malting Company

As I brought the glass to my lips the intoxicating aroma of fresh hops took over my senses. The Reaper obviously kept all the hops for himself and we reap the reward. Pun fully intended. No one makes IPAs quite like Phillips, this is another notch in the bedpost for them. ABV%: 6.5

Image by: The Beer Maven


Barracks Brown AleWild Rose Brewery

Boasting a deep luscious brown and a consistent off white head. Slight notes of espresso and chocolate in a light easy drinking vessel. Born from an old English recipe this brew pays tribute to the Wild Rose taproom (building AF-23 in the Currie Barracks) and those brave beer loving soldiers who shared many a beer there. ABV%: 5

Image by: The Beer Maven


Pumpkin Patch AleRogue

Pouring a golden orange with mild head retention. The aroma is pumpkin and spice. The flavour is Mom’s natural pumpkin pie. Slightly sweetened but mostly organic tasting roasted pumpkin, with a mild spice aftertaste. ABV%: 5.6

Image by: The Beer Maven


Charlie Brown Pumpkin Ale (Growler) – Trolley 5 Brewery

Pouring a dark brown with a thin light head with mild carbonation. The aroma is baked pumpkin pie and carries through into the flavour. This brew drinks like a dark amber ale and offers plenty of seasonal pumpkin and spice punch. I drank this in front of my outdoor fireplace in full sweats (no not roots) wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. It felt like the epitome of a Canadian Fall experience. I think I’ll have another please! ABV%: 5

Image by: The Beer Maven


Enigma Uncommon Amber AleVillage Brewery

An American red ale. The enigma here is how they make this freshly robust ale gluten reduced. With a caramel sweetness and citrus hopped finish this is another Village experience you have to try. ABV%: 5

Image by: The Beer Maven


Gardener BasilVillage Brewery

When you mix fresh community picked local ingredients with a passion for perfection. You get Village Brewery’s newest Gardener brew. The Calgary hops compete with the freshly picked basil for aroma and flavour. It’s the funnest competition yet because it’s a win-win for your taste buds. I picture little hops and basil leaves wearing boxing gloves dooking it out on my tongue. I was honored to be part of the crew who picked the hops for this brew. Cheers to teamwork! ABV%: 5

Image by: The Beer Maven


The Angry HessianYukon Brewing

Pouring a bright amber with a creamy off white head. The flavour is traditional pumpkin spice with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The pumpkin flirtations are innocent like kindergarten hand holding. Quality craft ale first, seasonal flavours second. ABV%: 5

Image by: The Beer Maven

Grab one or all of these beers tonight and have a beerific Halloween!
Thank you to the featured breweries and as always enjoy your adventures in craft beer.


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