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Foods For The 16 Days of Oktoberfest

These are not made with beer, but they go perfectly with a nice big mug of it. Try them at Oktoberfest or follow the recipes to make them at home. There is one for everyday of Oktoberfest to keep you happy and full.

Foods For The 16 Days of Oktoberfest
1. Bavarian Pretzel
Image by: Milwaukee Pretzels


2.Weisswurst (White Sausage)
Image by: Dish Blogger

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3. Bratwurst

beer-glazed-brats Image by: All Recipes


4. Currywurst

homemade-currywurstImage by: The Kitchen Maus


5. Schweinshaxe (Roasted pork KNuckle)

finished-schweinshaxeImage by: Kitchen Project


6. Schweinsbraten (Pork Roast)

Bavarian pork roast

Image by:


7. Dampfnudle Mit Vanillesosse (Dumplings with Vanilla Sauce)

Dampfnudeln Mit VanillesosseImage by: Tara’s Multicultural Table


8. Wiener Schnitzel

wiener-schnitzelImage by: Epicurious


9. Chicken Schnitzel

chicken-schnitzelImage by: Bon Appetit


10. Sauerkraut

Homemade German Sauerkraut Image by: Curious Cuisiniere


11. Spatzle Dumplings

German spatzle-dumplingsImage by: All Recipes


12. Hendl (Roasted Chicken)

hendl Image by: Munich Beer Gardens


13. Knodel (Savory or Sweet Dumplings)

top-knodelImage by: Top Inspired


14. Lebkuchnherzen (Gingerbread Cookie Hearts)

oktoberfest_munich_germanycookiesImage by: The Toronto Star


15. Steckerlfisch

stecklerfischImage by: Bella Online


16. Flammkuchen

flammkuchenImage by: The Bread She Bakes

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