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Get To Know The Winter Wit By Granville Island Brewing

Granville Island Brewing has got just the beer to add a little spice to your après ski season. The new Small Batch Winter Wit just launched in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and it’s a winter delight.

Get To Know The Winter Wit By Granville Island Brewing

Here’s Granville Island Brewing‘s Brewmaster, Kevin Emms, with the details on this cozy little number.


A: The Winter Wit is a reimagining of the Belgian Wit beer style. In addition to the coriander and sweet orange flavours that traditionally populate wit beers, we’ve added a blend of winter spices including ginger, nutmeg and clove.



A: The Winter Wit is smooth, delicate and very light considering it’s 6% ABV. Its winter spice mix blends with a slightly creamy mouthfeel for a crisp, bright and flavourful taste profile that feels cozy and comforting.



A: The Winter Wit pairs well with a variety of hearty winter favourites. Personally, I’d suggest trying it with a carbonara or gorgonzola cream sauce pasta. It also goes great with fruit-based desserts like lemon cake and fruitcake. If you’re down for something a little more exotic, try it with something spicy like moussaka which complements the wit’s spice mix.


Granville Island Brewing hopes you enjoy this new addition to their Small Batch series. Do yourself a favour and find some time to sip it at the lodge, by the fire or anywhere else that’s good.

As always, let them know your thoughts. Drop a line on Facebook with your reviews.


Shared from Granville Island Brewing.

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