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VIDEO: Heineken’s Worlds Apart Campaign

You won’t find parties, loud music, or scantily-clothed women in Heineken’s 2017 ad campaign. Instead, the beer company went in a wonderfully different direction. Watch Heineken’s wonderful ad and maybe you too can #OpenYourWorld a little more.

VIDEO: Heineken’s Worlds Apart Campaign

Heineken’s latest beer ad gets totally political, and it’s surprisingly great.

Here’s how it works…
  1. Two people are placed in a room who happen to have polar opposite opinions on today’s important issues
  2. The ice is broken by having them complete a task together. They’re bonding!
  3. Things get slightly awkward when each person’s videos are shown to them and each realize their staunchly different opinions.
  4. They are given the choice to talk over a beer (a Heineken obviously) or to leave.

Question is…what will they choose? Watch Heineken’s ad to find out.


Video: Heineken Worlds Apart #OpenYourWorld Ad

Read the full article about Heineken’s latest ad here.


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