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Food & Wine: Fresh Herb and Wine Pairing Guide

When planning a dinner party many people pair the wine with the main protein, but have you tried pairing it with the herbs in your food? This is a great way to accentuate and highlight the fresh flavors in your meals. We’ve sourced a guide to herb & wine pairing for you.

Food & Wine: Fresh Herb and Wine Pairing Guide

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There’s nothing quite like gathering for a meal with your favorite people. Whether it’s a family celebration, a group of your closest friends, or people you’re just starting to get to know, breaking out the perfect bottle of wine is sure to lighten the mood and win you the best host award.

Choosing Wines to Match A Variety of Fresh Herbs for Every Meal

Choosing the right wine isn’t as hard as you’d think. The purpose of Just Wine is making wine approachable through educating our readers. for the average person, food and wine pairing is one of the most challenging aspects of wine. After all, you can change the taste of your dish and your wine with either the right pairing, or the wrong one.

We found this herb and wine guide through FTD and knew our readers would love it. Food and wine pairing isn’t just about chicken or beef. The sauces, spices and herbs play and important role as well. When choosing a wine to pair with a dish, make sure you look at the herbs in your recipe. Nearly every common herb has at least a few ideal wine pairings. In fact, basil has seven! Beginning to end, this herb and wine pairing guide has everything you need for some perfect pairings. From caprese salad to start (try pairing with a Merlot Blend) to a mint dessert finale (an off-dry Riesling is a great choice). We’ve sourced out this herb and wine pairing guide so next time you plan a dinner party, choosing the perfect wine to go with your meal, whatever it is, will be a breeze.

Food & Wine: Herb and Wine Pairing Guide

Basil and wine pairings

Herbs and their wine pairings
Herb & Wine Pairing Guide: Bay Leaf, Chervil, Chives. Image Source: FTD
Herb & Wine Pairing Guide: Dill, Garlic, Marjoram, Mind, Oregano. Image Source: FTD
Herbs and wines that go together
Herb & Wine Pairing Guide: Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Thyme. Image Source: FTD


































Fresh Flowers Complete Your Fresh Herb & Wine Dinner

Determining what to make and how much food to buy is one of the hardest parts about prepping for a big dinner. But now that you already set your menu and chose the perfect drinks, things just got a little bit easier. The last thing that will tie everything together is the decorations, and those can be taken care of at the push of a button. You can make your table pop with a fresh floral centerpiece that matches your place settings, or complement your decor by picking an arrangement that matches your room’s color scheme. If you’re the casual type happy to watch the football game while you eat, show your team spirit with a bouquet that will make it very clear which team you’re rooting for. Either way your house will smell great and you’ll be surrounded by delicious food, good drinks, and the best people.


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