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How Much Beer is Consumed on Super Bowl Sunday? – Superbowl Food Statistics

Super Bowl Sunday is said to be the second-highest food and beer consumption day in America, right after Thanksgiving. But how much beer is really consumed on Super Bowl Sunday? You’d be surprised…

How Much Beer is Consumed on Super Bowl Sunday? – Superbowl Food Statistics

There are many beer holidays to look forward to throughout the year, but we all know sports events are really where all the beer drinkers (and foodies) come out to play. It’s safe to assume Superbowl Sunday is not only one of the biggest days in football, but one of the biggest days in beer and food as well. Whether you’re actually tuning in to watch the sport, or you’re just here for the halftime show, the infamous Super Bowl commercials or (our personal favourite), the food and beer.

It’s no secret that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days in food and alcohol consumption. It’s actually said the Super Bowl is second to Thanksgiving in food consumption. How crazy is that?! But let’s get down to what we really wanna know: how much beer is really consumed on Superbowl Sunday?


How many gallons of beer are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday?

According to an article published by Men’s Fitness, Americans drink 325 million gallons of beer (1,230,258,829.8 litres) on Superbowl Sunday.


How much money is spent on beer on Super Bowl Sunday?

According to ABC News, in 2017, consumers spent about $1.3B on beer and cider in the two weeks leading up to the Superbowl. Which probably means that breweries had their taps going at an all-time high.


What is the most popular beer on Super Bowl Sunday?

According to a consumer engagement company, Beer Board, the most popular beer consumed on Super Bowl Sunday is Coors Light. Followed by Miller Lite and Bud Light. It seems like Football fans love to keep their beers crushable!


What is the best beer to drink on Superbowl Sunday?

If you’re stocking up your fridge for a Super Bowl party, we think the best beers to drink on Super Bowl Sunday would have to be a craft beer from one of your local breweries. Check out our Local Beer Guides to find “breweries near me on Super Bowl Sunday.

But we have some recommendations! Check out these must-drink craft beers for Super Bowl Sunday.




How much food is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday?

According to Pork Business, here are some stats on just how much food will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday in America:

  • 3.8 million pounds of Popcorn
  • 1.3 billion chicken wings
  • 2 million pizzas
  • 10 million pounds of ribs
  • 88 million pounds of cheese

These numbers are making us think that the Super Bowl isn’t really about the football game and more about the food and the beer. But hey, no complaints here!


If you’re throwing this year’s Super Bowl party and you’re looking for some delicious recipes for appetizers, snacks or beer pairing ideas, check out these articles for some amazing beer recipes:

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A Sobering Thought

While we love beer, we always encourage drinking responsibly. These jarring stats are definitely another layer in the drink responsibly campaign and are great to keep in mind as you delve into the exciting beer world.