How To Have A Beer Tasting

Want to plan a really cool night for you and your friends? Change up the regular beer party for a beer tasting party. Here are some ideas to help you plan the best craft beer tasting right in your own home.

How To Have A Beer Tasting

Type of Tasting

There are a few options, but feel free to be creative and think of other options:

1) Taste by Company

Pick your favorite craft beer company then buy a variety of different styles from that company. Make sure when doing the tasting you taste from lightest to darkest. The darker beers tend to have stronger flavors and may ruin your palate for the lighter beers later.

2) Taste by Style

Pick your favorite beer style then buy that style across different companies. These can be beers you have tried and like or surprise yourself too and buy some you’ve never had either. This is a great one to do blind, so people aren’t bias based on what company they like.

3) Taste by Color

You can do all light beers, all dark beers, all ambers whatever you decide, but stick to one range of SRMs.

Score Cards

You can write out your own score cards but for your convenience, we’ve made some for you.



No party is complete without some grub. You can choose traditional Biergarten or pub fare, or check out some of our beer infused recipes on Just Beer. Another option is to add a beer and food pairing segment. Of course your choice of chow will depend on what type of tasting you have chosen. For a general idea of pairings see this explanation from Kitchn, but for a more detailed explanation see Craft Beer.com’s Craft Beer & Food Pairing Guide.

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Now all that’s left for you to do is sit back relax and enjoy a great evening with your friends.

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