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How To Introduce Your Mom To Craft Beer

This really could be about how to introduce anyone you love to craft beer, but since Mother’s Day is coming up we thought we’d focus on mothers.

How To Introduce Your Mom To Craft Beer
Step 1: Explain the idea behind craft beer and the #drinklocal movement

As a loyal craft beer drinker, you will probably have your own arguments as to why drinking craft beer is better than any other alcoholic beverage and why drinking local is so important. Your mom will be so proud because after all she didn’t realize your drinking has a moral compass. If you need a little help you can check out our articles on the subject:

What’s #DrinkLocal and Why It Is Important?

The Essence of Craft Beer

Experts Say That Women Who Drink More Are Smarter

We think that last one is the real deal clencher.


Step 2: Show her some of your favourite beers. Explain the styles and why you like them.

While your mom already loves everything about you, it’ll make her even prouder to hear you describe something with such passion. How do we know you speak about beer with passion? Well, like us you just love it, so we know that you will speak about it with gusto!

If you need help explaining the styles or flavours check out some of these articles:

Beer Styles 201 (Click on the link and find your faves)

How to Describe Beer Like A Pro


Step 3: Suggest some that she might like

This can be difficult because you have to think not of your tastes but the other person. We suggest not going too wild and crazy on the first time. Read no sour beers or crazy off flavours. Go with something that has a low IBU and try to stick with flavours your mom likes. So if she is a coffee lover try a porter or stout. If she likes fruit flavours you might want to give a fruit beer a try. If your mom is already a wine lover here are some helpful tips:

Craft Beer Styles for Wine Lovers

You can also check out:

How to Learn What Beer Styles You Like?


Step 4: Try them with her

This is the best step of all because you get to have a nice beer with your mom and like craft beer that is some good quality.

Were you surprised by what your mom liked and didn’t like? Let us know about it.

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