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How to Make a Black Velvet Cocktail

Ever wondered if you can mix beer and wine to make a delicious cocktail? You can! Learn how to make a stout and champagne mix in this Black and Velvet tutorial.

How to Make a Black Velvet Cocktail

If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail for your next party or you’re looking to try something new– a Black and Velvet might be the cocktail for you. This cocktail is perfect for those who love both beer and wine lovers because it combines the two to make a delicious cocktail perfect for any black tie event.

What is a Black and Velvet Cocktail?

A Black and Velvet is an alcoholic cocktail made from a mixture of a stout beer and white sparkling wine or champagne. Many prefer to make this cocktail with Guinness, but any stout will do.

Origins of the Stout and Champagne Cocktail

The interesting cocktail was created in Europe and popularized in 1861 after Prince Albert’s death, aka Queen Victoria’s husband. However, even though the cocktail was created in mourning, it’s still the perfect cocktail for a celebration.


How to make a Black and Velvet Cocktail

Beer Cocktail Difficulty: Easy
ABV%: Approx. 8% ABV

A Black and Velvet is a beginner cocktail, so don’t worry if your bartending skills are still in their infancy. As fancy as this cocktail appears, the Black and Velvet doesn’t take too much effort, so you can “wow!” your guests with complete ease.


Ingredients for Black and Velvet Recipe

What you’ll need to make a Black and Velvet:

  • 4 oz – Chilled Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • 4 oz – Chilled Stout (such as Guinness)
  • Champagne Flute


Steps for making a Black and Velvet Cocktail:

  1. Measure your ingredients in separate glasses. You’ll want equal parts champagne and stout.
  2. Take your champagne or sparkling wine and pour it into your champagne flute, only filling it up halfway.
  3. Carefully and slowly, pour the Guinness or stout to fill up the rest of the champagne flute.
  4. Feel free to garnish with fruit or chocolate of choice.Serve chilled. Typically not over ice.

Really, it’s that easy. Now, you’ve got a Black and Velvet.


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