Beer in European Languages

Albanian, birrë
Basque, garagardoa
Belarusian, піва
Bosnian, pivo
Bulgarian, Бира
Catalan, cervesa
Croatian, pivo
Czech, pivo
Danish, øl
Dutch, bier
Estonian, õlu
Finnish, olut
French, bière
Galician, cervexa
German, Bier
Greek, μπύρα
Hungarian, sör
Icelandic, bjór
Irish, beoir
Italian, birra
Latvian, alus
Lithuanian, alus
Macedonian, пиво
Maltese, birra
Norwegian, øl
Polish, piwo
Portuguese, cerveja
Romanian, bere
Russian, пиво
Serbian, пиво
Slovak, pivo
Slovenian, pivo
Spanish, cerveza
Swedish, öl
Ukrainian, пиво
Welsh, cwrw
Yiddish, ביר

Beer in Asian Languages

Armenian, գարեջուր
Azerbaijani, pivə
Bengali, বিয়ার
Chinese, Simplified 啤酒
Chinese, Traditional 啤酒
Georgian, ლუდი
Gujarati, બીયર
Hindi, बीयर
Hmong, npias
Japanese, ビール
Kannada, ಬಿಯರ್
Kazakh, сыра
Khmer, ស្រាបៀរ
Korean, 맥주
Lao, ເບຍ
Malayalam, ബിയർ
Marathi, बिअर
Mongolian, шар айраг
Nepali, बियर
Sinhala, බියර්
Tajik, оби ҷав
Tamil, பீர்
Telugu, బీర్
Thai, เบียร์
Urdu, بیئر
Uzbek, pivo
Vietnamese, bia

Beer in Middle-Eastern Languages

Arabic, بيرة
Hebrew, בירה
Persian, آبجو
Turkish, bira

Beer in African Languages

Afrikaans, bier
Chichewa, mowa
Hausa, giya
Igbo, biya
Sesotho, biri
Somali, Bi’ir
Swahili, bia
Yoruba, Oti bia
Zulu, ubhiya

Beer in Austronesian Languages

Cebuano, beer
Filipino, serbesa
Indonesian, bir
Javanese, bir
Malagasy, labiera
Malay, bir
Maori, pia

Beer in Other Languages

Esperanto, bieron
Haitian Creole, byè
Latin, cervisiam


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