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Hundreds of fans turn out for launch of Trailer Park Boys’ new beer

Following the success of their Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky last year, the TV celebrities are re-upping the ante with Freedom 35 lager.

Hundreds of fans turn out for launch of Trailer Park Boys’ new beer

Jeffery Clifford lined up outside the LCBO at 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning just to catch a glimpse of one of his favourite TV characters.

By the time the star arrived it was high noon. Good thing it was that time of day — with his thick glasses Bubbles might not have seen Clifford in the early morning dark.


The Trailer Park Boys launched a new beer at the LCBO on Queens Quay on Thursday, with fans like Clifford lining up with roughly about 400 others to get a taste. Brewed in partnership with North American Craft, the new Freedom 35 lager is available at LCBO locations across Ontario.

Last year, the TV celebrities from Nova Scotia launched Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky. Clifford was at the front of the line for that event as well.

“Last time I came here I camped out through the night. I stayed from midnight onwards,” said Clifford, who showed off his Trailer Park Boys themed tattoos on his back.

trailer park boys tattoos
Image by: Jesse Winter


“Basically because I’m a big fan, No. 1. And the number of people that come out for this, No. 2, I wanted to be first. I wanted to be able to meet and greet.”

-Jeffery Clifford, Trailer Boys’ Fan

Clifford said the TV characters, who portray small-time pot dealers and general miscreants on the show, have a broad appeal because they connect with a demographic of viewers who, like the characters themselves, don’t really care what other people think of them.

“They’re relatable,” said Annie Munro, another fan standing with Clifford at the front of the line. “Their humour, their crowd of fans, it’s almost like the fans are trailer park boys.”

Trailer Park Boys Signing
Image by: Jesse Winter

Bubbles (played by New Glasgow actor Mike Smith) was on time for the event. But in true Trailer Boys fashion, fellow cast members Ricky (Robb Wells) and Julian (John Paul Tremblay) “f—ed up and missed the plane” to Toronto from Halifax, Bubbles said as he walked the line to greet fans while in character the whole time.


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