I Tried Beer Yoga And Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you drink while striking your best Warrior Pose? Do you get to drink beer after the class is over? Is this some cruel ploy to get me to exercise? The answer, it turns out, is yes to all three.

I Tried Beer Yoga And Here’s What You Need To Know

Lately, my boyfriend and I have been trying to live healthier lives while still trying to have a little fun. If you don’t balance the kale and grilled cauliflower out with some double chocolate fudge ice cream every now and then, you are likely to go crazy. That’s why Beer Yoga caught our eye.


What Is Beer Yoga?

Beer Yoga or “Brewery Yoga” is basically a yoga class where you also get to enjoy a beer. Beer is incorporated into the yoga poses to make for a fun and memorable experience! Beer Yoga classes are often conducted in a yoga studio, but can also take place in a tap room or brewery.


Intrigued by the prospect of drinking a beer while you work out, we signed up for a Beer Yoga class at Spinunity in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Neither of us knew anything about the studio or Beer Yoga, but we were excited at the chance to step out of our comfort zones… and to drink some beers of course!

BY3We walked into the studio and placed our yoga mats near the front of the class. The instructor appeared with four Brewster’s variety packs and announced we could help ourselves. I reached into the box of beer and pulled out a Brewfoot Blueberry Ale. It has a strong blueberry aftertaste and is extremely refreshing. The perfect beer to drink while exercising!




History of Beer Yoga — Who Comes Up With This Sh*t?!

Beer Yoga (originally named BierYoga) was created and first introduced in Germany. (We’re not entirely surprised!) It’s described as “the marriage of two great loves – Beer and Yoga.” The creators say that the joy of drinking beer and mindfulness of yoga compliment each other and that’s what makes Beer Yoga such a great and energizing fitness experience!


The relaxing music came on, the lights dimmed and a soft hue of purple lighting flooded the studio. The instructor explained that this class was going to be different from your typical yoga class. Instead of focusing on introspection, we were going to focus our energy on the beer that was placed at the top of our mats. As we progressed through the class, each move incorporated the beer. Holding a Tree Pose while drinking from a beer bottle is harder than it sounds!

BY2For my second beer, I went with the Hammerhead Red Ale. It tasted of sweet malts with a slight hint of bread. I enjoyed it as the class was coming to an end.

For the price of the class ($20, which included two to three beers), it is a fairly affordable way to try a new activity and get your drink on! It might seem counterproductive to drink beer while exercising, but Beer Yoga seems to be less about having a good work out and more about mixing the spirituality of yoga with the fun and togetherness that beer drinking brings.



Where Can I Try Beer Yoga? – Find Beer Yoga Near Me

Down for some “Brew-ga”?! If this sounded completely awesome to you, (which I’m sure it did – because it was!). I strongly encourage you to try Beer Yoga out for yourself! Check out the events at your local yoga studios, spin studios, breweries and pubs for your chance to get in on the fun! Namaste!


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