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This Map Will Take You On a Walking Tour Through Calgary’s Best Craft Breweries in Inglewood

There is an abundance of great breweries in Calgary’s Inglewood area, so JustBeer has put together the optimal path for you to try every brewery and one of their featured beers at each location!

This Map Will Take You On a Walking Tour Through Calgary’s Best Craft Breweries in Inglewood

Lucky for all Calgarians, there is now quite the collection of breweries in the Inglewood area of YYC! So, why not try out an Inglewood brewery walking tour? Inglewood boasts multiple places for you to sip on craft beer, eat local dishes and see a new part of the city So without further adieu…


The Best Inglewood Brewery Tour Map


inglewood tour

Featuring a stop by stop analysis of our highly recommended beers!


Stop #1: High Line Brewing

Our first stop in Inglewood is High Line Brewing, a small brewery known for both high-quality classic styles and exciting new flavours such as hazy IPAs and hopped sours. There is always something new in the tank.

#113, 1318 9th Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 0T3

JustBeer’s High Line Brewing Beer Recommendation:

Cold Brew. A combination of coffee and sour beer, it’s not the most common mix, but does it ever work. Plus you get to kick off your walking tour with a little caffeine boost!



Stop #2: Revival Brewcade

The combination of locally-brewed beers and 80’s-90’s inspired arcade games is the feature of our second stop on the Inglewood walking tour, Revival Brewcade.

1217B 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0S9

JustBeer’s Revival Brewcade Beer Recommendation:

Relic West Coast IPA. Stay fresh at stop #2 with this citrus and pine flavoured IPA, and sip while you play a few arcade games.



Stop #3: Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

The third stop of our walking tour is Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co., which is the perfect gathering place for friends. The beer selection is rotating and always refreshing, making this the perfect midway point in Inglewood.

1103 12 ST SE
Calgary, AB T2G 3H7

JustBeer’s Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Company Beer Recommendation:

First Born. A lighter alternative to the Belgian Chocolate Stout that stays in the dark beer realm. This beer is lighter in colour, as well as body, so it won’t leave you feeling bloated and the drinking tour can continue.



Stop #4: Cold Garden Beverage Company

We wouldn’t want you to walk too far, so the fourth stop of this Inglewood tour is Cold Garden Beverage Company – right next door to Ol’ Beautiful. The eccentric furniture and dog-friendly atmosphere (your pup can sit next to you on one of the vintage couches) of Cold Garden make this a tour highlight.

1100 11 St SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4T3

JustBeer’s Cold Garden Beer Recommendation:

Dandelion’s Blonde. Malty yet citrusy, this is the perfect refreshing palate cleanser to get you over the halfway hump.

Image source: Avenue Calgary


Stop #5: The Dandy Brewing Company and Tasting Room

Our Inglewood tour drifts into Ramsay slightly, and the penultimate stop of our brewery tour leads us to The Dandy Brewing Company – the original nano brewery of Calgary. If you’re around for their lunch menu, the fully loaded hot dog is to die for (with one of their sour beers).

2003 11 St SE
Calgary, AB T2G 3G6

JustBeer’s The Dandy Brewing Co. Beer Recommendation:

The Dandy Wild Sour Ale. One of the more complex and full flavours so far, this sour is one of the best you’ll find in Calgary.



Stop #6: Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

The last stop of our brewery tour is at the Eighty-Eight Brewing Co., an exciting and innovative brewery which takes its inspiration from, you guessed it, 1988. Their eclectic selection of beers features a wide range of choices from a Rosé Saison to a Grapefruit Gose – you can’t go wrong with any of their options.

2600 Portland St SE #1070
Calgary, AB T2G 4M6

JustBeer’s 88 Brewing Co Beer Recommendation:

Tiffany Rosé Saison. As previously mentioned, we couldn’t leave this dangerously delicious (and fancy, I mean, it’s rosé) beer off the menu. The perfect closer to the perfect walking tour.



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