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Is There a Limit to Tasters? & 9 Pieces of Taproom Etiquette

Hey Goldielocks! Are you always concerned that you are tasting too many beers before you find the one that is just right? Here is a bit of taproom etiquette from the taproom experts themselves to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

Is There a Limit to Tasters?                        & 9 Pieces of Taproom Etiquette

So is there a rule about how many tasters you should order? Is there other taproom etiquette breweries want us to know?

I encourage people to try a few beers, two to four, before getting a full glass. I would not be offended if they tried all of our beers.

-Adam Harrington, Mother Road Brewing, Flagstaff, AZ

Image by: Jess Baker

“My advice is always, ‘Give it a try!’ That is what we are here to do — pour and talk about our beers. More than just what the beer is, we try to explain why we make that specific beer.”

-Jon Mansfield, War Horse Brewing, Seneca Lake, New York

In terms of etiquette, what else do breweries want us to know? Chris Labbe at Periodic Brewing in Leadville, Colorado, offers:

Nine Things to Consider in a Taproom or Brewpub:

  1. Be patient and provide feedback if the beers are not perfect in a place that is new.
  2. Understand that sometimes we are doing things differently for a reason.
  3. Beer is not supposed to be served cold (not even an American Lager) or in an iced glass.
  4. Think about the difference between “I don’t like” and “It’s not good.”
  5. Brewers love to talk about our beer. Ask questions and be prepared to listen.
  6. “Have” is a 4-letter word … as in “you have to have pool tables to be a good bar.”
  7. There is no such thing as “watered down” beer. Find another adjective to help us understand the flaw you are experiencing.
  8. Always drink IPAs last.
  9. Understand that we sell high ABV beer in smaller portions because: a) They are more expensive to make b) We want everyone to get home safely

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