James Bond Drinking Game – What Is It and What Are the Rules?

James Bond is known for drinking martinis and being a complete badass. Ready to drink like 007? Put on your favourite James Bond movie, crack open your favourite beer and play the James Bond Drinking Game.

James Bond Drinking Game – What Is It and What Are the Rules?

This style of drinking game can be played with any movie. Come up with your rules, press play and get your drink on! Are you ready? Cue the 007 theme song!


Drink Responsibly!

Wait, hold your hops! Before we get into the rules of the James Bond Drinking Game, we want to disclose that we do not promote binge drinking and advise our readers to always drink responsibly! For more information, click here to learn how to be a responsible drinker.


How to Play the
James Bond Drinking Game


What You’ll Need to Play:

  • Beer (of your choice, but preferably not your finest craft brew)
  • A television
  • Any James Bond movie
  • Dvd player, VHS player, or a Netflix, YouTube Premium, Google Play, or Hulu account
  • Friends (This drinking game does not require friends — but it is more fun)

Click here for the best websites to watch James Bond online.


007 James Bond Drinking Game Gameplay:

Put on any James Bond movie and follow the rules below.


Rules for the James Bond Drinking Game:

These “rules” are just ideas. Feel free to leave some out or add in your own.

Take a drink when…

  • James Bond orders a martini
    • James Bond says “shaken, not stirred”
    • James Bond drinks
  • James Bond says “Bond, James Bond”
  • James Bond hooks up with someone
    • Drink twice if that person dies after the hookup
  • James Bond kills someone
    • James Bond makes a joke after killing someone
  • When a spy gadget is used
  • A villain is revealed to have a history with James Bond
  • Moneypenny appears on the screen
  • The name of the film is mentioned, a.k.a. a title drop
    • The title of the movie appears on the screen
  • James Bond is on skis
  • James Bond is underwater
  • You see a woman in a bikini with no intention of swimming
  • You notice product placement
  • You see a helicopter
  • There is a large explosion

Finish your drink when…

  • James Bond escapes a near-death experience
  • The villain reveals their plan to James Bond
  • The “cool car” of the movie gets destroyed
  • Someone says “007” or “license to kill”

Did we miss your favourite James Bond Drinking Game rule? Let us know!


Want to take this drinking game to the next level?


Here’s what you’ll need to play the Extreme James Bond Drinking Game:
  • Beer
  • A Poisonous Scorpion
How to play Extreme James Bond Drinking Game (Scorpion Version):
  1. Place the poisonous scorpion on your hand.
  2. Using the same hand, pick up your drink and take a sip. Then place it back down.
  3. Shake off the poisonous scorpion from your hand and cover it with your beer glass.
  4. If you manage to not get bitten and stay alive, you win!

All jokes aside, please do not play the scorpion version to the James Bond Drinking Game. We have no idea where to get a poisonous scorpion, but if you do, please don’t try this.


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