Jolly Ol’ St. Nick’s 10 Favourite Canadian Beers for Christmas

Bringing gifts and Christmas cheer to boys and girls around the world is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. So how does St.Nick stay so jolly? While some families in Canada leave milk and cookies, others leave craft beer. Continue reading to learn Santa’s favourite Canadian Christmas beers.

Jolly Ol’ St. Nick’s 10 Favourite Canadian Beers for Christmas

Flying around the world in the cold, Canadian winter is not an easy task. Instead of milk and cookies this year, spoil Santa to with favourite treat — beer! If you’re worried about drinking and driving, remember that the reindeers are actually the ones driving. So it’s okay if Santa has a brew… or two… or three.


Santa’s Top 10 Canadian Christmas Beers


Winter Spice AleBig Rock Brewery (Calgary, AB)Big_Winter

This spiced beer is the perfect substitute for Christmas cookies. Aromas of cloves and caramel evoke the sensation of home baking, and the rich malty flavour is enhanced with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.
ABV%: 6 IBU: 12.5


Black ChristmasParallel 49 Brewing (Vancouver, BC)parallel-49-brewing-black-christmas_1476454580

Even though this black ale was brewed for the Scrooges in Canada, Santa still enjoys the vanilla and Christmas spices present in this beer. Let’s turn “bah humbug” into “bah hum-beer“!
ABV%: 6.5 IBU: 65


Solstice d’HiverBrasserie Dieu du Ciel (Montréal, QC)Dieu_Solstice

Coming in with an ABV% of 10.2, there’s no question why this is one of Santa’s favourite brews! This deep-brown barleywine offers an aroma of fruit, alcohol and hops. The boozy mouth feel is vaguely sweet with hints of brunt caramel. The perfect beer for sleigh rides!
ABV%: 10.2


Spending the holiday season in the United States?
Check out this article on 10 American beers that bring Christmas cheer!


Bière de NoëlNiagara Oast House Brewers (Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON)niagara-oast-house-brewers-biere-de-noel_1482443355

This festive limited-edition Farmhouse Ale is modeled after a Belgian Dark Strong Ale and contains a profile as decadent as the holiday season! Remember, St. Nick loves any beer that has his face on the label!
ABV%: 7.5 IBU: 35


Black ToquePhillips Brewing & Malting Company phillips-brewing-malting-company-black-toque_1510769446(Victoria, BC)

Even though Santa wears a red hat on Christmas, you can sometimes find him sporting a black toque during the off-season. Many beers ago Phillips Brewing frankensteined together black toque, one of their original black ales. It’s unsure whether this brew is named after Santa’s not-so-famous black toque but we like to think it is…
ABV%: 6.5


Cuddly As A CactusYukon Brewing (Whitehorse, YT)yukon-brewing-cuddly-cactus_1511905350

Even though The Grinch tried to steal Christmas, he made amends with Santa and is now on the Nice List! Santa loves this chocolate, cherry British Porter because it reminds him of his best, green friend. Cheers to forgiveness this holiday season!
ABV%: 5.3%


Do you know of a beer that Santa would love on Christmas?!
Let us know and we will add it to this list to help spread the word!


Spruce BeerGarrison Brewing Company (Halifax, NS)garrison-brewing-company-spruce-beer_1532979935

Santa’s most favourite thing about this beer is that it is brewed with local Spruce and Fir tips, blackstrap molasses and dates. Like St. Nick, you should also be an advocate for #DrinkingLocal!
ABV%: 7.5 IBU: 35


St. Nick’s PorterFort Garry Brewing (Winnipeg, Mfort-garry-brewing-st-nicks-porter_1502740538B)

This beer was literally named after the big man. No wonder why it’s on his favourites list this Christmas! This porter is spiked with select spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and all-spice, it’s sure to keep anyone warm and toasty on the coldest of winter nights.
ABV%: 6.5 IBU: 30


Sleigh BoosterBridge Brewing Company (North Van, bridge-brewing-company-sleigh-booster_1476287558BC)

This beer is the perfect warming brew to give Santa and his reindeer the boost they need to get through the long, Christmas night. This red ale is loaded with depth flavours of caramel and malts. If you leave this beer instead of milk, he might even come back and leave extra gifts at your house!
ABV%: 9 IBU: 71


Holiday HoneyOld Credit Brewing Company old-credit-brewing-company-holiday-honey_1484777915(Mississauga, ON)

Santa loves this amber lager because it fulfills all of his sweet tooth cravings on Christmas. Who needs home-made cookies when you can have a beer made from Canada’s best-selling honey?! Holiday Honey’s flavour of malt and honey is the perfect amount of sweetness to tickle Santa’s tongue!
ABV%: 5


Whether you’re leaving these beers out for Santa, or drinking them yourself — we hope you have a wonderful holiday with your favourite beers!

Please drink responsibly.


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