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On Drinking and Driving         

Last year 2,700 people in Calgary were charged with impaired driving and 1/3 of the fatality and serious injury collisions investigated in Calgary involved an impaired driver. Please every time you drink think of your own safety and the safety of others. Don’t drive! This article has some solutions if you are unsure what to do in a situation where you have drank too much, please use them and let’s all get home safe and sound.

On Drinking and Driving         

Hello my name is Dan and I’m a Booze Reviewer. I need to get something off of my chest, seriously. I …. HATE … DRINKING AND DRIVING! I always have and I always will. Now let me explain, I feel if you can have ONE drink, you should be ok to drive (depending on weight, height, age of course, how much is in said drink, and if you are not allergic to it – where one drink makes you drunk) however people going out and getting hammered and feel they still can drive, they’re the ones that I’m focusing this on!

With major holiday seasons and major sport leagues starting, this is as good a time as any to bring this up. The other night there was a major incident that was a little too close to home for me, these always affect me but this one, this one a bit more than usual. A man despite being drunk and servers at the establishment trying to stop him from driving got into his car, drove two blocks, jumped the median and hit two other cars head on. The drivers of the vehicles were taken to the hospital in serious condition. The video has more details.

Why did this rattle me more than other ones? That night there were parent teacher interviews going on throughout the whole city. This accident took place where there were at least four schools holding their parent teacher meetings. The streets were filled with parents driving their children around to and from the schools, and the road this accident happened on is a major road in the area.

Image by: CTV News

No matter what, it always affects me when I read stories about drunk driving, however this particular accident could have been me that got hit when I was driving my two kids to the parent teacher nights at their respective schools. Luckily, I had decided not to take one of my children to her school for meet the teachers night, otherwise I would have taken that road at that time to get her there. Me and my kids could have been the ones that got hit and not the 60 year old lady (who I hope is recovering).

Photo borrowed from CBC News

I have been the victim of a drunk driver before. One time my family was driving home from our family friends and we had the green light, my mom who was in the front seat saw a car coming through the intersection and warned my dad, who slammed on his breaks. Thankfully he hit them hard enough where it didn’t cause us to get fully t-boned, but it did cause him to hit our front corner on the driver side, then swing us around making our back end hit the side of his car and bounce the back so that we ended up in a “T” formation with the other car. The driver of the other vehicle claims he wasn’t drunk but you could tell he was, however 30 years ago it was harder to prove that someone was drinking.

Honestly I’ve always been against it, but to see how many people get killed by drunk drivers… and the idiot who drives drunk gets injured or walks away from the scene is scary. I really just get very upset more so than seeing someone texting and driving, even though that is just as bad in my opinion but that is a rant for another time.

I really feel people HAVE to know when they have had too much to drink that they shouldn’t drive, or have someone help them out. I mean if you are out and you can AFFORD to buy that many drinks, put some money aside and you can use one of a few options out there!


Most of the cab companies now have debit machines so you don’t have to carry cash on you, you can pour yourself into a cab and then go home from there. Don’t worry about your vehicle, it is better that you leave it there than trying to drive it home! If you are too drunk to call a cab have someone do it for you.


Most of the cities have transit that runs late so that people can get home yes it may take longer but at least you do get home, as long as you don’t start anything on public transit, then you might be staying the night in the drunk tank!

Keys Please:

One of the best options out there, they have someone come and pick you up and drive you AND your car home! If you feel you can’t leave your car in the location, you were drinking and you have the urge to go home … USE THEM! They will come to you, get the keys from you and drive you home for a fee. THIS is the best thing out there! Put aside $40 to 60 (about the same cost as a cab) so you can use them.

Phone a Friend/Family:

Yes just like in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” you can use the ‘Phone a Friend’ option as well if you have really great friends. Every now and then I’m sure someone would be there to help you out.


Yes, we don’t have this option in Calgary but other cities do have it, this is a cheaper option for getting you home. It really does help when it comes to getting you home as well if you are too drunk to drive.


If you aren’t far from your house you can also walk! I know I did one day I got really drunk and I walked home. It took me a hour but I got home and it was awesome. Granted I wasn’t pass out drunk but at least I made the choice before I went out that I would not drive.

Stay Home:

Yes we all like to go out and enjoy ourselves at pubs, bars, or restaurants, but sometimes if you are alone and you just want to drink or want to have a social night then maybe invite a few people over for a few drinks to watch the game at home, it is cheaper in the long run, make a night of it, and make sure if you have company that they get home safely too.

Designated Driver:

This is an option that works too, take turns with your friends on who will be drinking and who will be staying sober and driving everyone home. This one is a great one because you know you will be getting home safely as well.

These are just some of the options you have so you don’t get pulled over and get your car taken away, or worse! Honestly there are so many ways you can get home rather than drive if you have had too much to drink. I really wish people would use their heads when it comes to this, how hard is it to know that you are going to get drunk and you shouldn’t drive!

This was found on someone’s car in Edmonton recently, this is great to see that a restaurant shows that they do care about people not drinking and driving!

Courtesy of Cjay92

So this holiday season please use your head! DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! Let’s see everyone get home safely!

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