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Pairing French Desserts and Beer

Beer and delicious French desserts say “Oui, Merci!”

Pairing French Desserts and Beer

Croissant & Strong Bitter

A strong bitter’s toasted bread and nutty tones add notable complexity to a croissant’s buttery, doughy goodness; plus, the beer’s unyielding bitterness sweeps the tongue clean.

Crème Brûlée & Oatmeal Stout
Custard and caramelized sugar taste best topped with berries and paired with a silky oatmeal stout. The beer’s coffee and chocolate add layers of richness to all of the sugar, while the bite’s burnt marshmallow tones and the beer’s roast punctuate the finish.




Lemon Custard Tart & Saison
This tart’s sugary marshmallow and bright lemon filling finds kindred flavors in a classic saison’s sweet malts and lemony snap. The beer’s rustic accents—a touch of barnyard funk, a dash of white pepper—make the pairing even more elegant.

Strawberry Macaron & Lambic
A bite-sized burst of fruity strawberry lends a sweet lift to the – tartness and funk of a classic Belgian lambic.

Chocolate Éclair & Coffee Porter
This decadent pastry, topped with chocolate icing and filled with chocolate custard, requires a beer that both embraces and tempers all of the chocolate flavor. A coffee porter does just that: Bold espresso melds with the chocolate for a delectable mocha taste, while sturdy roast steadies the sweetness and tidies up the palate.


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