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QUIZ: Are You a Beer Snob, Beer Lover, or Beer Noob?

Think you know a lot about beer? Think again! Test your beer knowledge with this ultimate beer quiz and find out if you really know what you’re talking about when it comes to craft beer!

QUIZ: Are You a Beer Snob, Beer Lover, or Beer Noob?

We get it, you love beer and will crack open a cold one any chance you get. But how much do you actually know about you’re favourite drink and the industry behind it? Take this beer quiz and keep track of your answers to find out if you’re a beer snob, just a beer lover or a beer noob. Answers to the test will be at the bottom — No cheating!

Not prepared for this beer pop quiz? Study up on your beer knowledge in JustBeer University.


Beer Quiz: Test Your Beer Knowledge


1. Which British Columbian brewery brews Jerkface 9000?

a. Parallel 49 Brewing

b. Bomber Brewing

c. Granville Island Brewing

d. Driftwood Brewery


2. How do brewers add smoky flavour to smoked beers?

a. They use artificial smoke flavours.

b. They use an open flame.

c. They smoke cigarettes while brewing.

d. Each beer sits in a smoker for 48 hours after being brewed.


3. Which of these is not a rule in beer pong?

a. Elbows

b. Death Cup

c. Ballerina

d. Fingering


4. What beer style is known for having a “roasted barley flavour”?

a. Barleywine

b. Stout

c. Porter

d. Belgian IPA


5. With an IBU of 658, which beer is known for being one of the hoppiest beers ever brewed in America?

a. Tribute Double IPA14th Star Brewing

b. Howling FantoldsAnnex Ale Project

c. Hop Diggity DIPAMother Earth Brew Co.

d. Hoo LawdDogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales


6. What are the main ingredients in beer?

a. Yeast, corn meal, water and cinnamon.

b. Hops, yeast, goat cheese and more hops.

c. Water, egg whites, hops and sugar.

d. Water, malt, hops and yeast.


7. What is the alcohol content of Samuel Adams Boston Lager?

a. 5%

b. 5.5%

c. 4.9%

d. 4.5%


8. What does the beer acronym, SRM refer to?

a. The colour of your beer.

b. The bitterness of your beer.

c. The amount of head on your beer.

d. How much your beer costs to produce.


9. What city is Guinness brewed in?

a. Montréal

b. Shanghai

c. Moscow

d. Dublin


10. How do sour beers get their unique flavour?

a. Cyanobacteria

b. Lactobacillus

c. Spirulina

d. Lemon


11. What does IBU stand for?

a. International Body Units

b. International Bitterness Units

c. International Beer Union

d. Interrelated Beer Unit


12. What is a characteristic of a session beer?

a. Dark colour

b. Low ABV

c. No carbonation

d. High hoppiness


13. What does the word “lager” mean in German?

a. Lagoon

b. Grass

c. Storeroom

d. Eyeglass


14. What is a beer flight?

a. Small servings of various beer.

b. An airplane flight that serves craft beer.

c. That feeling you get when you’ve drank too many brews.

d. A beer bottle opening device.


15. What is a saison?

a. A beer brewed in the fall so that it is ready for drinking in the summer.

b. A top-fermented beer that is brewed with malted wheat and salted water.

c. A beer that is brewed with botanicals instead of hops.

d. A beer brewed to travel from Britain to India with no refrigeration.


Beer Quiz Answers:

1. a
2. b
3. c
4. b
5. d
6. d
7. c
8. a
9. d
10. b
11. b
12. b
13. c
14. a
15. a


How did you do on this beer test?


If you got 0-5 questions right, you are a beer noob!

You may like sipping on a cold brew from time to time, but clearly you don’t know much about what you’re drinking. That’s ok! All that means is that there is a lot of room for growth. Head over to a beer tasting, beer event, or check out JustBeer University to learn a thing or two… or three.


If you got 6-10 questions right, you are a beer lover!

We know your favourite drink is beer and it judging by how much you know about beer, we can tell you really do love it. Clearly you were paying attention while going through JustBeer University! We won’t judge you for the questions you got wrong, we’ll just assume you’re a few beers deep.


If you got 11-15 questions right, you are a beer snob!

Ok maybe you like beer just a little too much. Is that even possible? No! But it is possible to turn into a beer snob. While it’s awesome that you know so much about beer, make sure you’re not that annoying guy at the bar that has to tell everyone how much they know about craft beer. Have you ever thought about being a Cicerone?


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