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REVIEW: Beer Revolution, Calgary

Beer Revolution is a great place to go for food and a drink or three, quite a great atmosphere and some amazing dry ribs!

REVIEW: Beer Revolution, Calgary

Hello Boozers, I’m going to be starting a new segment where I pop into different beer restaurants and do a quick review on them to share with you.


This one is of Beer Revolution in Calgary, AB*. Located off Brewsters Brewery this craft beer market has quite a rotating tap and bottle of beer. This is the second time I went there and myself and Johnny Oldschool got to go meet up with a couple of traveling bloggers that run The Constant Rambler. We got to sit down and try a few beers and chat for a couple of hours, while there we tried some of the beers and sampled some of the food.


The beers on tap were pretty good, I had a couple that kept me going. They usually have a good rotation of beers so that really makes for a unique visit each time (unless you go daily). They do keep their “house” beers on year round like the Brewster’s Peach Wheat or their Lager. With 24 taps to choose from and the rotation it makes for a good variety.

The first beer I had was the Gigantic Ume Umai is a Beer with Plum and Black Rice, this odd combo of a beer was amazing, very easy drinking and really quite enjoyable I’d like to find this beer in a bottle and give it a proper review.


Next I had Russell’s Blood Alley, this beer I have not had before and I have wanted to try it for a while. They class this beer as a”bitter” however I’m not sure if I can really classify it as that after the second and third mouthfuls. I’m not saying this beer is bad by any means, I’m saying it loses its bitter style as it “numbs” your mouth from any bitterness. Over all it was a great beer as well.



We only had appetizers but I had the Truffle Fries, now maybe I was spoiled but I had some Truffle Fries at Original Joes and I found them to be much better. I’m not saying these were bad in fact they were nice and the dipping sauce went well with them. They actually mix up fries and sweet potato fries and put them into a cone with an aioli dipping sauce (Sea salt, cracked black pepper, white truffle aioli, is their description on the menu). I’ve had the pretzels before and they are pretty decent too (Sea salt, caraway spice, grainy mustard aioli) I really need to try their pizzas but I have to be in the mood for it.



The seating was good, I do have one small complaint though, it was BRUTAL where we sat because of the windows. Now I LOVE the sun and in Calgary you don’t get much in the winter so you get what you can take, but when it is shining in on your table and you are squinting to look at the person across from you, it doesn’t quite help. With the winter sun it was at its highest peak so it was skimming the top of the window while blinding us for two hours. Yes we could have moved to another table but no matter what you will have that issue and that was with some of their blinds down trying to block the sunlight (I give them this much they tried to block it but the blinds just didn’t do it justice). If they invested in a secondary shade for days like that it would make the experience a bit better, if it was a full restaurant and you couldn’t move anywhere it would be a problem.



With the pricing of everything now it is hard to say if it is good or bad, our economy is in the tank right now and I mean we saw a bottle of Clown Shoes “Flight of the Angry Beast” on the list for $26.00, and that is a 10.8% beer! I won’t get into how much that sucks but now I want to find that beer for a cheaper price to see if it is any good! The beers and the food was a little expensive, but for what we had it came to $28.00 for one pint, two small 8 oz. beers and the appetizer. However that is the norm for the prices now and that is why I drink a lot at home!

Overall I do give them a 4 out of 5. We even had an issue with one of the beers, the keg of the beer we ordered was labeled wrong apparently, and they exchanged the beer after we brought it to their attention, and they were apologetic for it as well, which really made the customer experience a little better.

If you are in the Calgary area, do check them out as they do a great job for any beer lover and have a great passion for craft beer. For now I’m PK saying Stay Frosty and cheers!

* There is also a location in Edmonton if you find yourself further north.

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