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Brewery Review: Golden BC’s Whitetooth Brewing

It makes sense that a place called Golden should have a brewery full of golden nectar. Next time you drive by Golden, BC or come down off the slopes at Kicking Horse, Whitetooth Brewery is definitely worth the stop.

Brewery Review: Golden BC’s Whitetooth Brewing

Whitetooth Brewing Review – Golden, British Columbia

In a small industrial area of Golden, BC lies a true gem, Whitetooth Brewing. It was so dark I almost missed it. I thought maybe it was closed, but I pulled into the parking lot and good thing I did because the light was on with friendly staff and fresh beers waiting to greet me (BTW, they are open 7 days a week from 2-10).

The Taproom at Whitetooth Brewing

The taproom is small, but comfortable and has a nice view of the brewing facility. The inside is a combination of homey natural woods with a sleek industrial/modern feel. It is the perfect place to stop into after skiing. They have some small bites for the peckish or for the ravenous you can order a pizza from the local pizza place which will deliver literally right to your chair.

Image by: JustBeer
Image by: JustBeer


A little background on Whitetooth Brewing

Whitetooth Brewing has been open for just under a year and already they are making huge strides. They have won awards including a Peoples Choice Award which is precious because if the people like you then you have a business. There were not a lot of people there with me that night, but there was a steady stream of locals coming in to pick up bottles and growlers. Jill seemed to know most of them by name which is a sign of a great local establishment (If Cheers had growlers I’m sure Norm wouldn’t have sat there as much).

Image by: JustBeer
Image by: JustBeer


In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that such a small place could have so many beers with such a variety of styles. They have 6 core beers that are always on tap and then the others are seasonal and limited releases.

Image by: JustBeer
Image by: JustBeer


Monday Night is Game Night at Whitetooth Brewing!

I had arrived on Games Night (FYI Monday night is Games Night), but I decided that the opportunity to chat was a better use of my time. Plus, it’s no fun to play board games by yourself. Of course, I took a flight, with 12 beers to choose from I didn’t want to miss out. With some great suggestions from Jill, I chose my four.

Image by: JustBeer
Image by: JustBeer


What’s on my beer flight – Whitetooth Brewing:

Tomorrow We Ride Hefeweizen
Roggen Schlager
Speed Metal Foreign Extra Stout
The Golden Black


The verdict:

It’s unusual to love every single beer in your flight, but I actually did. It also helped that we chose styles that I tend to like. Each one was fresh and delicious with the flavours and notes I’d expect of that style. Although I do have to say that the Golden Black was exceptionally good. Deep and rich with cocoa and black licorice goodness. If you are a dark fan like me definitely try to get there before that limited release is gone because WOW!


Beers from Whitetooth Brewing that I Totally Loved:

Trepanation Tripel


When the brewers came in they chose Icefields, so I was excited to take it home thinking that it must be good. Then Jill said:

“Ya, it is good, but the brewers always pick something different, so that they can keep trying everything and make sure it’s up to standards.”

While that burst my bubble a little, it also made me happy to hear that quality and consistency is important to them.

Behind each beer in the flight were little cards about the beer so you could remember what you were drinking. We discussed turning them into a fun brewery game. Before leaving, I took a moment to plug them into my JustBeer app and rate them, just in case they got lost in my bag full of stuff which often happens (my bag is small, but I’m like Mary Poppins).

I hope next time I get back there for Games Night, there’ll be Whitetooth Monopoly or Go Fish Whitetooth Style.


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