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REVIEW: Wild Rose Ponderosa Gose

The Ponderosa Gose is a tropical vacation in a glass. Leis and all!

REVIEW: Wild Rose Ponderosa Gose

The goat has got the right idea. Nothing like a little tropical getaway, but most Albertans usually save that for the cold winter months when we need to escape the cold weather. Well, let the Ponderosa Gose be your tropical summer escape.

Gose (pronounced goh-ZUH) is an unusual German beer style with a characteristic salty-sour flavour and coriander spice. You can learn more about at JustBeer University Beer Styles 201: Gose. I say unusual because not many breweries offer this delicious, salty beer, but Wild Rose Brewery is and it’s awesome.

Ponderosa Gose is a definite summer go-to beer and the description is right on:

Ponderosa Gose (goh-ZUH) is an irresistibly refreshing wheat beer brewed with passion fruit, salt and coriander. Pale, tart and unfiltered this brew is your party pal in tropical Alberta.

While Wild Rose brewers “developed this brew during the cold Albertan winter, thinking of warmer days”, I know I’ll definitely be dreaming of it during those cold winter months praying for summer to come. I had it at CRAFT Beer Market as part of their local flight, but it is also available at the Wild Rose Taproom and other places around the city.

So as you enjoy these last days of summer laying out on the balcony, soaking up the sun (replenishing those Vitamin D stores) and sipping a beer, make it a Ponderosa Gose. Go ahead put that Dollarstore lei on while you’re at it, for the full effect, of course.




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