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Shari’s Berries Beer & Dessert Pairing Guide

Whether we’re unwinding on a weekend evening with friends or at the end of a long work day, many of us love to kick back and relax with an ice cold beer or a delicious dessert. Or both. Because we’re all about the sweet life, and treating our friends and family, and ourselves. But what goes best with an IPA? Or a porter? Key lime pie? Dipped strawberries? Shari’s Berries pairing guide has all the answers. Check it out below.

Shari’s Berries Beer & Dessert Pairing Guide

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Shari’s Berries is committed to satisfying your sweet tooth with dipped berries and other sweet treats. Unfortunately, they only deliver to the United States so you’ll have to wait until you’re on a vacay in California, or your cousin in Idaho is having a baby shower. Shari’s Berries makes it incredibly easy to find the perfect dessert to go with any occasion. Whether you need a ‘get well soon‘ gift, a gift for your sports-loving Uncle, or you feel like treating your American friend just because, Shari’s Berries has got you covered.



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