Sociables Drinking Game — What is it and what are the rules?

Sociables, A.K.A. Kings or King’s Cup, is the perfect drinking game to play with a large group of people. Here’s everything you need to know about Sociables – how to play, and a list of Sociables rules!

Sociables Drinking Game — What is it and what are the rules?

Sociables, also known as “Kings” or “King’s Cup”, is a drinking card game that is best played with 4 or more players, but can be played with 2 players (the more the better). Sociables is a great game to play whether you’re having a chill night in with your friends on Friday night, pregaming for a “rager” on a Saturday, or day drinking on a summer Sunday. You could even bring a deck of cards to your favourite pub and play Sociables with all the regulars in the bar. Sociables is about one thing and one thing only, being social! (Oh, and drinking!)


Drink Responsibly!

Hold your hops! Before we get into the rules of Sociables, we want to disclose that we do not promote binge drinking and advise our fellow beer geeks to always drink responsibly! For more information, click here to learn how to be a responsible drinker.


How to Play the Sociables Drinking Game


What You’ll Need To Play Sociables:

  • Deck of Cards
  • Beer (or your drink of choice)
  • Friends (or money to pay people to pretend)


Setup for Sociables Card Game:

  1. Get drinks: Grab your favourite drink! Whether it’s beer (the obvious choice), wine (or champagne if you’re classy af), a mixed drink (a rum and coke never hurt anyone – right?), or a Smirnoff Ice (just kidding), Sociables is fun no matter what you’re drinking.
  2. Lay out cards: Place a cup in the middle of the table (if you are playing the King’s Cup rule). Shuffle and scatter the deck of cards, face down, around the cup. You are welcome to use more than one deck to lengthen the duration of the game.
  3. Set the rules: Each card will be associated with a rule. Before you begin, decide which rules your group wants to play with. Write them down for everyone to see, use this custom rule selector from, or save this image to your phone so you’ll always have a list of rules handy!


Sociables Gameplay:

Sociables is a very easy game to play. Simply pick up a card and play the rule that accompanies the card. Some rules stay in play until the same card is drawn again. Some cards are only for yourself, others involve the entire group.


Want to switch it up?
Instead of playing cards, write your rules on Jenga pieces! This is a great way of including more rules into your game!


Sociables Rules ideas:

Like beer pong and almost every other drinking game, Sociables has endless variations of rules. This list of rules are only suggestions to help with your rule decision making. Use our favourite card rules, check out some classic popular Sociables card rules, or come up with your own creative sociables rules!

Ace: Sociables

Everyone drinks. Cheers!

2: Give two

The person who draws a two must give another player two drinks. You could also split this up and give one drink to two different people.

3: Little Green Man

If you draw a three, you must remove an imaginary little green man from the lip on your glass/bottle every time you drink, and put him back after. If another player catches you failing to do so, you must finish your drink. It is your responsibility to take care of the little green man until another player draws a three.

4: Troll

The player who draws the troll card must crawl under the table and play from the floor, until the next troll card is picked.

5: Guys Drink

When a five is drawn, all male players must drink.

6: Chicks Drink

If a six is flipped, all female players must drink.

7: Sevens

Go around the circle counting upwards. Anytime you reach a number with seven in it (7, 17, 27…) or a multiple of seven (7, 14, 21…), the player must say “F*ck you” instead and the counting changes directions. The first player to make a mistake has to drink.

8: Buddy

Pick a buddy. When a player drinks, so does their buddy until the next buddy card is drawn.

9: Rhyme Time

The player who draws the nine picks a word. Going around the circle, every player must say a work that rhymes with the original word. No word can be said twice. The first player to fail to say a rhyming word or who repeats a word, must drink. There’s always that one person who picks “orange” as their word. Don’t be that guy.

10: Thumb Master

If a player pulls a ten, they become the “Thumb Master”. Any time the TM places their thumb on the table, every other player must immediately place their thumb on the table as well. The last person to do so must take a drink. This can be done repeatedly until another ten is drawn and a new player becomes the Thumb Master. Try to be as sneaky as you can!

Jack: Beer Bitch

Whoever draws a jack becomes the “Beer Bitch”. You must get drinks for the rest of the players until the next jack card is played.

Queen: Question Master

The person who pulls a queen becomes the “Question Master”. If the Question Master asks a player a question, and they answer it, that player must drink. The Question Master will stay the QM until a new queen is drawn.

King: King’s Cup

Place an empty cup in the center of the circle. Any time a king is drawn, the drawer pours some of their own drink into the center cup. When the last king is drawn, that player must chug the contents of the center cup.


Other Popular Sociables Rules:
Aces High:

Take a drink, and hold your cup up over your head until your turn comes again.

Box Head:

Whoever draws this card, must play the remainder of the game with an empty beer box on their head.

Boxing Gloves:

The player must do everything with their hands clenched in a fist until another player draws a Boxing Glove card.


The player will pick a category (for example, “beer styles”). Go around the circle naming things from the category. The first player to fail, must drink.


The last person to touch the floor after this card is drawn must drink.

Fuzzy Duck:

Go around the circle alternating saying “Fuzzy Duck” and “Ducky Fuzz”. A play may change the direction by saying “Duzzy”. Each player may only say “Duzzy” once. If someone messes up, they must drink and the round is over. Confused? Watch this YouTube video to learn how to play.


As soon as this card is drawn, all players must immediately place their thumbs to their forehead with fingers spread, resembling antlers. The last player to do so must drink.

Rule Card:

Create a rule. All players must follow this rule until the next rule card is drawn. If you break the rule, you drink. Rules can be anything from no swearing to changing the rule of any card in the deck.

Story Time:

Starting with the player who drew this card, create a story one word at a time. For example, the first player might say “Once”, the second player would continue “Once there”, the third player could say “Once there was” and so on. The first player to miss a word or repeat the story incorrectly must drink and the round ends.

Switch Drinks:

When this card is drawn, all players must pass their drinks to the left and continue the rest of the game with a new drink.


The person who draws this card begins drinking their drink. The player to the left of them must begin drinking immediately after, then the next player starts drinking until all the players are drinking. Once the player to the right of the card drawer starts drinking, the drawer can stop drinking. Then the player to the left can stop drinking, and so on until the end of the circle.

Did we forget your favourite Sociables rule?
Let us know!


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