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Starbuck’s Espresso Cloud IPA Comes to Canada

Now your favorite coffee shop also has your favorite alcohol beverage. Beer!!! Go forth and enjoy!

Starbuck’s Espresso Cloud IPA Comes to Canada

They serve beer at Starbucks now

The newly-renovated Starbucks Reserve Bar in Mount Pleasant already looks like a microbrewery, with its oak bar and wooden stools. Now it’s one step closer, after the company’s announcement that the Main Street location will serve craft beer, cider and wine, beginning June 1.


“Starbucks is focused on creating a new afternoon and evening occasion where customers can gather with friends or family or find a spot by themselves to enjoy a sophisticated and welcoming environment,” said Caroline Ternes, vice president of Starbucks Western Canada, in a news release.

Also, the Starbucks will be serving flatbread, because nothing says “sophisticated and welcoming” like flatbread. It’s nature’s classiest appetizer.

No word on whether or not you can get an Espresso Cloud IPA. Someone go in and ask for one. Then let us know what they say.

This location becomes the first in Vancouver and the first in Canada outside of Ontario to serve alcohol. We should be honoured. Imagine if Edmonton got this before us — what a slap in the face that would be. Granted, why you’d go to Starbucks for alcohol is beyond me, but people go there for sandwiches and I’ve never understood that either.


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