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The Best Beer and Chicken Wing Pairings

From buffalo to salt and pepper, wing flavours are endless. So are beer styles! This makes it really easy to pair chicken wings and beer. When you’re heading to your next wing night, here are 7 tasty beer and chicken wing pairings to consider.

The Best Beer and Chicken Wing Pairings

Beer is the best drink to order alongside your pub wings. Why? Because like beer, chicken wings are versatile and come in a number of different styles/flavours. This makes it super easy to find a beer that will pair perfectly with your chicken wings. Just like wine can compliment cheese, beer can compliment chicken wings. Whether you like it spicy and hot wings are your go-to, or you’re more of a honey garlic person, there’s a perfect beer pairing to whatever flavour you love.


How to Pair Popular Chicken Wing Flavours with Beer Styles


Buffalo Chicken Wings & Craft Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pairs best with buffalo / hot wings?

Buffalo wings can be anything but subtle. They are either hot hot hot or the perfect level of spiciness that has you taking a sip of beer after every other bite. Hoppy beers are your best bet when pairing with hot wings. Next time you’re ordering a basket of hot, buffalo wings, order a hoppy IPA to go along with it. The hop flavour can play up the spice in your wings while the residual sugars in your beer will compliment it perfectly. India pale ales will also taste great with your side of blue cheese dip.

Beers to pair with hot wings:

India Pale AleLaughing Dog Brewing
Juicy IPA
Barrelhouse Brewing Company
Red Racer IPA
Central City Brewers & Distillers



Beer & Honey Garlic Wing Pairings:

What beer pairs best with honey garlic wings?

You might think that when eating sweet wings, such as honey garlic, you’d want to go with a crisp and clean beer. This can be true but when looking for a beer to compliment the ooey gooey-ness of your wings, try finding a beer that also has sweet undertones. Look for a beer that uses honey and other sugary flavours. A honey brown lager will give you the perfect balance of sweet and refreshing that you want.

Beers to pair with honey garlic wings:

Cypress Honey LagerGranville Island Brewing
Honey Brown LagerSleeman
Texas Honey AleGuadalupe Brewing Company


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Salt & Pepper Wings & Craft Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pairs well with salt and pepper wings?

With wings as basic as salt and pepper, you have a lot more options when it comes to pairing them with a beer style. If you’re looking for something a little more laid pack, go with a cream or blonde ale. If you’re wanting to cut through the saltiness of your wings, pick up a pale ale with medium hop characteristics.

Beers to pair with salt & pepper chicken wings:

Begbie Cream AleMt. Begbie Brewing Co.
Electric AvenueWild Rose Brewery
Trail Beer
10 Barrel Brewing Company



Beer & Barbecue Flavoured Wing Pairings:

What beer styles pair with BBQ wings?

Most barbecue chicken wings are coated with a spicy rub before being drenched in a tangy barbecue sauce. This is what gives your chicken wings the perfect sweet and spicy flavours. If you want to cut through the sweetness but also compliment the spices on your wings, order a berliner weisse. The dry, but drinkable features in a berliner weisse will keep allow you to taste and enjoy every flavour mixed into your bbq wings.

Beers to pair with barbecue sauce wings:

Creative Loafing’s Loafing BrauCigar City Brewing Company
Farm Table Weissbier
Beau’s Brewing Company
Raspberry Wild ChildBlack Swan Brewing Company



Honey Hot Wings & Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pair best with honey hot wings?

Can’t decide between hot wings or honey garlic wings? Have the best of both worlds and order honey hot wings! Because these wings are already creating a balancing act, you’re going to want to pair a beer that acts as a natural palate cleanser between bites. A kölsch is a light, delicate beer that will keep you refreshed and ready for more wings.

Beers to pair with honey hot wings:

Cactus Cat KölschNine Band Brewing
Hybrid TheoryOrigin Malting & Brewing
Rhine Stone Cowboy
Big Rock Brewery



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Beer & Teriyaki Chicken Wing Pairings:

What beer styles pair best with teriyaki wings?

Belgian witbiers are brewed with spices, such as coriander, and citruses, such as orange peel. These unfiltered, spicy and fruity beers pair great with Asian flavours, like teriyaki. A witbier is going to pull out every spicy and sweet note in your teriyaki sauce so you can eat them knowing you’re experiencing every flavour.

Beers to pair with teriyaki wings:

5 Lizard5 Rabbit Cerveceria
Floreffe Blanche
Licorne Brewing Co.
Golden State of MineAle Industries



Spicy Korean Style Chicken Wings & Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pair best with Korean style wings?

Korean style wings are usually sweet and tangy with a swift kick of spiciness. To cut through the stickiness, pair your Korean wings with a premium lager or a crispy Czech pilsner. The smooth, clean texture of a lager will contrast the pleasant heat while the sweetness from the malts will compliment the brown sugar in the sauce.

Beers to pair with spicy Korean-styled wings:

Lager BeerInnis & Gunn
Premium Lager
Creemore Springs
WonderstuffBauhaus Brew Labs



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