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The Best Breweries to Get Gluten-Free Craft Beer in British Columbia

Wondering where to get celiac-friendly / gluten-free beers in British Columbia? Check it out:

The Best Breweries to Get Gluten-Free Craft Beer in British Columbia

Finding gluten-free craft beer can sometimes be a challenge. But having a gluten-sensitivity, intolerance, allergy or Celiac disease shouldn’t have to stop you from enjoying the greatest drink in the world. More and more breweries and brewers have been adding low-gluten and GF beers to their lineups. And gluten-free breweries have been popping up around the world which is great news for our wheat-free beer lovers.

If you’re looking for where to buy gluten free beer in British Columbia, we’ve compiled a list of bars and breweries that carry GF beers for you below!


Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in British Columbia


Pacific Western Brewing Co.

(Prince George, BC) – Visit the Prince George Beer Guide

Low/No Gluten beer(s): Pacific Free

Pacific Free is a gluten-removed lager. The beer is brewed “for a discerning, health conscious generation of beer lovers.”

According to Pacific Western, Pacific Free is brewed just like their other great craft beers. However, once the beer is transferred to the fermentation tanks, we add a brewing enzyme that breaks apart and removes the gluten protein chains.

This beer is likely safe for people with gluten sensitivity. Check out Pacific Free’s test results here.


Where to buy Pacific Free “gluten removed” Beer in B.C.

Pacific Free is available at Pacific Western Brewing.


Whistler Brewing Co.

(Whistler, BC) – Visit the Whistler Beer Guide

Gluten-free beer(s): Forager Amber; Forager Pale Ale

Forager is a gluten free golden amber created with sorghum and rice instead of wheat. It’s hop-forward and full of character containing no adjuncts, preservatives or artificial additives.

Forager Pale Ale is the amber pale ale version of the Forager lager. Containing 5% abv Forager Pale Ale has a brush of malt character with a complement of hop.

According to Whistler Brewing Co., each batch is tested to ensure it is gluten-free and safe for consumption by people with gluten intolerances.

Where to buy Whistler Brewing – Forager Gluten Free Beer in B.C.

Forager is available at select BC Liquor stores.


Do you know of any other BC Breweries selling gluten free beers?
Let us know!


We know… there aren’t a whole lot of options… (yet!) But we know of a great 100% gluten free brewery that’s looking to open its doors in the Okanagan! Grey Fox Brewing will be a brewery that’s 100% safe for people with Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance and health nuts! But in order to make this happen, we need to help them reach their goal.

Learn how you can help Grey Fox open its doors here!

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