Beer & Food Pairings

The Best Pizza and Beer Pairings

From Hawaiian to Meat Lovers, pizza flavours and toppings are endless. So are beer styles! This makes it really easy to pair your favourite pizza with your best craft brew. When you’re planning your next pizza night, here are 5 tasty beer and pizza pairings to consider.

The Best Pizza and Beer Pairings

Pizza and Beer — two of life’s best things. Alone they’re great, but together they are even better. Didn’t think it was possible? Try these five pizza and beer pairings for yourself!


Top Beer Styles for Pizza: A Pairing Guide


Cheese Pizza & Craft Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pair best with a classic cheese pizza?

In my opinion, a cheese pizza is underrated. Sometimes an ooey gooey cheesy pizza is all you need to feed your hunger. If you’re into this classic style of pizza, try pairing it with a hoppy pale ale. The malt in this beer style won’t overpower the cheesiness, but the hops will cut through the grease and balance with the sweetness of your pizza sauce. A crisp, hoppy pale ale will help cleanse your palate between slices.

Beers to pair with a cheese pizza:

I’ve Been Thinking About Getting The Band Back TogetherArrow Head Brewing Company
Greatest HitsAcoustic Ales Brewing Experiment



Beer & Pepperoni Pizza Pairings:

What beer pairs best with a pepperoni pizza?

When pairing beer with a pepperoni pizza, we suggest going with something big and hoppy, like a double IPA. The aggressive hoppiness in a brew like a double IPA will help bring out the spice of the pepperoni while balancing out the saltiness.

Beers to pair with pepperoni pizza:

Headed West13 Virtues Brewing Company
Twenty Pounder Double IPADriftwood Brewery



Hawaiian Pizza & Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pair well with Hawaiian pizza?

While we know that the pineapple on pizza debate may be a touchy topic, we couldn’t exclude Hawaiian pizza from this list! To elevate the sweet, tropical flavours of a Hawaiian pizza, pair it with a light fruit ale. The sweetness in your brew will play up the sweetness in the ham and pineapple but will also compliment the acidic flavours from the tomato sauce.

Beers to pair with Hawaiian pizza:

Park Life Passion Fruit AleBomber Brewing
Transatlantique Kriek AleNew Belgium Brewing Company



Beer & Vegetarian Pizza Pairings:

What beer style pairs best with a veggie pizza?

When eating a vegetarian pizza, you’re usually receiving an abundance of flavours from each veggie at once. It’s like a veggie-orgy party in your mouth. When pairing a beer with your vegetarian pizza, go with something light. A kölsch is the perfect beer to play up the delicate flavours without overpowering them.

Beers to pair with vegetarian pizza:

1857 KölschAbe Erb Brewing Company
OddballMobCraft Beer



Meat Lovers’ Pizza & Beer Pairings:

What beer styles pair best with a meat lovers’ pizza?

Meat lover, a.k.a the type of person that gets excited over the sight of bacon, sausage, pepperoni, beef, and ham on a pizza, and no green things! Try pairing your meat-za with a dark smoked beer, like a rauchbier. Smoky beers will leave your palate full of flavour and play up the authentic meat flavours.

Beers to pair with a meat pizza:

Prairie Fire RauchbierTown Square Brewing Co.
Leap Year Smoked BockTree Brewing Company



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