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The Perfect Beer For Libra

You’re the balanced of the star signs and a true charmer. Libras are diplomatic, cooperative and social butterflies. What is the perfect beer match for Libra?

The Perfect Beer For Libra

Beers for Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

So you’re a Libra! You’re the balanced of the star signs and a true charmer. Libras are diplomatic, cooperative and social butterflies. You can often be indecisive, a push-over and can hold a grudge, but your ability to put anyone at ease is definitely one of your best traits.


The Perfect Beer for a Libra

Amber/Red Ale

What makes this beer a match for Libra? Libras are diplomatic and cooperative, much like the Amber/Red Ale. This beer is not dark and not light, somewhere in the middle. It’s balanced, like a Libra. It also often leaves a lingering taste from the malt-caramel and hop character, kind of like the way Libra’s hold a grudge.


What is an Amber/Red Ale?Perfect Beer Match For Libra Amber Ale Zoe

An Amber/Red Ale is a nice balance of malt and hops. With a medium-strong maltiness with hints of sweet malt-caramel, Amber Ale provides a medium to full finish. Of course, Amber Ales live up to their namesake, being Amber or Red in colour.

An Amber/Red Ale We Love: Zoe




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