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VIDEO: Does The Shape Of Your Beer Glass Really Matter? – Pacific Beer Chat Podcast

From the Pacific Beer Chat Podcast: What glass should you pair with your beer? Does beer glassware really matter? Watch this video-pod to find out!

VIDEO: Does The Shape Of Your Beer Glass Really Matter? – Pacific Beer Chat Podcast


Video: The Run-Down on Beer Glassware

Episode 7 of the Pacific Beer Chat Podcast brought to you by:

Terry – The West Coast Beer Geek
Mike G – Mike’s Craft Beer
Carnell – Carnell’s Beer
Steve H – Mike’s Craft Beer


Still not sure about what beer glassware you should use for each beer style? Look below to learn more:

How To Serve The Perfect Beer
The At-Home Beer Glassware Experiment
How To Talk About Beer Like A Pro
Tips For An Aspiring Bartender

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