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This Brewery is Giving Away Free Beer Tattoos

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Some have deep symbolic meaning while others are a reminder of a special moment in time. Sometimes, people get tattoos of their favourite things, like say…beer.

This Brewery is Giving Away Free Beer Tattoos

Would you get a beer tattoo if we told you it was free? If you’re looking for cool new body art to add to your collection, then you’ll love the marketing campaign that Narragansett Brewing Company has every month!

Narragansett Brewing Company (or “‘Gansett”, for short), is a New England staple since 1888. This iconic beer maker has actually been killing it in the advertising and marketing game for more than 80 years.

hi-neighbor-have-a-GansettPhoto from Narraganset Brewing Company

Some of Narraganset’s most notable campaigns have been:

Chief Gansett (1931) – The young artist who created “Chief Gansett” was Theodor Geisel, but you may know him better as Dr. Seuss.

Hi Neighbor. Have a Gansett (1944) – This now legendary campaign led to a fruitful relationship with the MLB, sponsoring the Boston Braves and later, the Red Sox.

Drink Your Part (2011) – Launched to raise capital and support in bringing a Gansett production facility back to Rhode Island. It was successful and they opened a facility in Pawtucket, RI in March 2017.

#CrushItLikeQuint (2012) – Coinciding with Discovery Channel’s 2012 Shark Week, they debuted the #CrushItLikeQuint campaign. Way back in 1975, Narragansett was consumed, and crushed by Captain Quint, legendary shark hunter in the movie Jaws.


But by far one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns we’ve ever seen is the “Hi Neighbor” Free Tattoo events.

For 5 years now, Narraganset has teamed up with local tattoo artists to offer free tattoo days! You can walk right in and leave with a brand new tattoo without spending a single dime! So, what’s the catch?

56985601_1226513400843957_415203450213360961_nPhoto from @gansettbeer


Well, you can only get their tattoo for free.


58423659_852921975082688_9089486629387946661_nPhoto from @gansettbeer


But it doesn’t seem to be hurting their campaign. At all. In fact, the events routinely fill up within hours and many of their (clearly very committed) customers leave thrilled with a new “Hi_Neighbor!” tattoo.


beer tattooPhoto from @tessperrytattoos


Gansett Beer has some pretty amazing fans.

There have been other breweries who have offered prizes like free beer for life in exchange for their fans getting a tattoo. But Gansett fans aren’t getting anything free aside from their ink.

That being said, New Englanders are known for being die-hard fans, whether it’s football, baseball, or beer. And they did have to live without this fan favourite brewery for almost 20 years before it was resurrected in 2004.

58733186_161006378269945_861890498660237992_nPhoto from @gansettbeer


Would you get a tattoo of your favorite beer if it was free? We’re still trying to convince the JustBeer CEO that offering JustBeer tattoos would be a brilliant marketing campaign.

It would be pretty sweet. Just imagine…

Untitled design

Safe to say, he wasn’t really too fond of the idea. It was worth a shot!


Do you have a cool beer tattoo? Share it with us!

Use the hashtag #justbeerapp on social media or tag @justbeerapp for a chance to be featured on our Instagram or in one of our articles!


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