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TOUR: Tool Shed Brewery

Saturday afternoon + beer + Graham’s great stories = Tour of Tool Shed Brewery

TOUR: Tool Shed Brewery

This weekend I got a chance to go to Tool Shed Brewery, and I have to say it was LONG over due.

HOWEVER before I start I have to say sorry to Graham! A little bit ago when taxes increased and some other things (West Coast Partnership) which caused some heavy influenced war on words, I was upset. Graham has been a very big advocate for this new bill that they put in and I have been someone who has been very much opposed as a consumer and reviewer. I still am very upset at the fact that I as a reviewer have to pay more for imported beers that I want to review and share with you guys in Alberta that point won’t change. That being said, I do see the light Graham was so happy about because it gave him (and he fought for this too) and other new brewers and breweries a chance to be able to afford to make beers and share them with us! This new ruling has helped bring in Tap Rooms, new breweries, and lower taxes for the smaller guys so that they wont go broke making beer. For that I am grateful because as a reviewer I do get to enjoy more local beers and more breweries are popping up in Alberta uncontested by the bigger guys and by loosing their shirts to taxes. So Graham.. I know you will be reading this… I’m sorry and I do understand your point of view when it comes to that now!

Entrance to Tool Shed Brewing Company
Image by: Dan Crocker

NOW getting that little bit off of my chest, I would like to say this tour was a really great one! I got to crash a tour that was on the Calgary Brewery Tours where they were coming in at 2:30pm to do a tour before heading off to another location. When I arrived there there was also a Canadian Aer0Press Competition in their other room so it was really busy there!

Tasting Room

The Tasting Room was a small little area but had another area out back that was being used for the Championships, but it still was great to see all of it. With a “Wood Shed style” this room felt like it was home.

Front of House:

Front of House Beer Fridge at Tool Shed Brewing Company

Front of House at Tool Shed Brewing Company
Image by: Dan Crocker
Rahr Malt Bags Being Reused Wisely at Tool Shed Brewing Company
Image by: Dan Crocker

In the back room during the AeroPress competition:

Enjoying a Flat Cap Stout while watching the competition.

Jamie Gordon's Flat Cap Stout at Tool Shed Brewing Company

Coffee Competition at Tool Shed Brewing Company
Image by: Dan Crocker
Hey… my beer has a coffee taste to it too!
Beer with Coffee Flavour at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker

Start of the tour:

Graham finally was able to get away from all the running around he’s been doing (He never was in one spot for more than 2 mins!) and he got the tour started when the bus pulled up. He had LOTS of stories to tell from how he started this with his friend Jeff, his time over in Afghanistan as an IT guru (As a fellow IT geek I can call him that.. he knows his stuff!) to how they got to name the beers! (I can’t tell the stories as great as he can you really need to listen to his stories in person!) There was a couple of samples of beers handed out… with the stories that went with them and then after that we were headed to the back.

We have beer for you!
Getting Ready to Taste Beer at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker
You know you want a sample of this!
Sampling Beers at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker
Graham telling one of his many great stories!

Graham, co-owner of Tool Shed Brewery Telling a Story

The Star Cheek IPA!

Star Cheek IPA at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary

Tour Part Deux: The Brewery back of house!

Since there was a competition going on Graham had to lead us to the back via a “race track of Tool Shed Barrels” but after a few twists and turns we finally made it! We got to the back and we had to go a little further to actually hear him (He couldn’t compete vs the speaker system the coffee comp had) but we got to hang out at the canning line while he got to explain some more things to us. We got to find out about the canning system, why they use it, and approx. how much it is for each vat they get into the building. Also stating that they do sell a lot of beers and each time they make more it seems they sell out of that quickly so they are ALWAYS making more. So the freshness of the beers is usually pretty fresh.

Ahh the Star Cheek and the story behind that! Pretty good beer too!
Start Cheek Vats at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker
The Labels that go on the cans!
Beer Can Labels at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker
MMMMMM Beer… vats…
Red Rage Beer Vats at Tool Shed Brewery
Image by: Dan Crocker
Stairway to Heaven?
Stairway to heaven at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker
Graham is very animated when he tells his stories!
Graham telling a story at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker
The Canning line! Made in Calgary! ALL OF IT! Well maybe not the cans….
The Canning Line at Tool Shed Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Calgary
Image by: Dan Crocker
Sure… I’ll just have a flat or two… oh.. not for me… BUMMER!
Lots of Beer Ready to Go!
Image by: Dan Crocker

After that it was time to go, the tour bus was ready to leave for their next destination, and we had to say good bye.. well they did, I wasn’t part of the tour so I got to stick around a bit. I did talk to Graham a bit and he introduced me to a fellow beer drinker, it was really awesome to be a part of that tour! I did get to also meet a fellow twitterer…..? Tweeter? What are we called on Twitter? He was down for something else and he got to do this tour too so @twittem it was great to meet you in person! Come down for a brew again real soon now you hear

I even got to learn that Tool Shed is helping out another brewery by letting them use their equipment while they are getting their own brewery up and running, Brauerei Fahr will be coming to Turner Valley soon, but for now Tool Shed is helping them out! Awesome deal on that too I love it when breweries help out the little guys getting going too! There has been a few like that! Goat Locker is being brewed in Dead Frog, Six Corners is being brewed in Paddock Wood, and now I learned about Fahr.

Fahr Brewery Beer

Fahr Traditional German Beer Brewed in Alberta
Image by: Dan Crocker

So folks if you are ever in the area or need to do a tour.. do one at Tool Shed, you get a full understanding on how dedicated they are to this brewery and how much blood sweat and tears they are putting into this to make some good beers for you guys! I look forward to the 100th beer… I want to be first in line for that bad boy…. all I’ll say is that… these are going to be used:

Barrels for Aging Beer
Image by: Dan Crocker

Again I wanted to thank Tool Shed for inviting me out! I had a wonderful time, the passion the pride and most of all the stories! Told by a true storyteller! You have to go to the tour to hear them! This is a must on your list of breweries!

For now I’m PK saying Cheers! Stay Frosty! and we will see you real soon!

Read the Original Story Here.

Interested in a Tool Shed Brewery Tour, you can find it on JustBeer in our Calgary Events section.

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