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TOUR: Whistler Brewing

In 2014 I set off to do a series of tours of breweries in British Columbia. This was my last stop in a 6 brewery 4 day tour period! I have to say it was a lot of fun!

TOUR: Whistler Brewing

Whistler Brewery was the last brewery I got to tour, and it was fantastic! The drive up from Vancouver was quite a breath taking drive. I forgot what it is like to go up the Sea to Sky Highway, if I wasn’t running late I would have stopped at a few places to take in the wonderful view!


Sea To Sky Highway views!


So it does take a bit to get to Whistler Brewing, but this little brewery that you can find in the center of one of the locations for the 2010 Winter Olympics took place. Whistler is just a small town/village but it is full of life year round, known for it skiing in the winter and its summer mountain activities it seems there can be lots to do if you are an active person.


Getting cleaned up for the day


Beautiful warm day to have the bay doors open

The brewery itself is separated into two different sections, the brewery and the tasting room.

The tasting room seems like it has recently been redone which looks amazing, although it does look a little small and cramped, you do still have a warm and cozy feeling when you go in. The staff there is amazing, friendly and upbeat you can tell they love their jobs there.



Tap Tap and more Beers on tap!


Look at all the wonderful beers on tap!


I had to have the Big Sky Uncommon


And there it is! In its full natural glory!


All the awards they have won… so far 🙂

I was greeted by the bar staff when I went and sat down, they gave me a menu of the beers and each one had quite the description and story behind them. While waiting I was enjoying the seasonal they had on tap (thankfully they were able to pull the last of it out as there was very little left. From there they took myself and about 6 other people on the brewery tour. They explained the different malts and grains they use, how they get what they want out of the taste of the beers, as well as feeding us sample after sample. It was quite the process they go through when they give you the tour. We got to see the front of the brewery on the tour as they were working around the back and we couldn’t go back there for safety reasons.


I can see my reflection!



Beer you say… Why yes I would like to see where the beer is made!




That is why I wear a hat! However LOOK AT THAT VAT!





Canning and back of the brewery.



Copper is such a good colour!



This is where the yummy beer is stored.

Like the other brewery tours I went on during this time, Whistler Brewing did something a little different. They actually let us drink out of one of the vats! I got to try the Whiskey Jack Ale before it was even bottled! I have to say having it fresh like that I was almost tempted to buy my own vat just to have fresh beer like that!


Whiskey Jack straight from the vat!


It tasted like liquid heaven!

At the end of it I had to have something quick to eat before I drove the 90 mins back to Vancouver, so I tried their Vegetarian Chilli Potato Skins. The Chilli was infused with the Whiskey Jack Ale and it tasted fantastic! I love my chilli and this taste was unforgettable! I really enjoyed it and was kind of sad that I had to make my way back down to Vancouver.


Yummy infused Chilli on potato skins!

Honestly I want to thank everyone at Whistler Brewing for giving me a tour of their brewery, who knew that they had to buy back their brewery after Big Rock bought them out and then abandoned it. I have to say getting it back up and running is one of the best things they ever could have done!

For $15.95 per person to tour it is well worth the price! They will treat you right too!

For now I’m PK saying Stay frosty and we will see you next time!


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