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5 Trump-Inspired Beers to Ease Your Political Pain

Specialty beers crafted for all of those hardcore Donald Trump fans.

5 Trump-Inspired Beers to Ease Your Political Pain


Fake News Ale (Trump Beer)
Maverick Brewing Company

“Make beer great again”


A brand-new Toronto brewery wants to give President Trump something else irritating, Canadian, and hard to grab. This time, though, it’s a 16-ounce beer mocking the increasingly unpopular leader to the immediate south. Northern Maverick describes it as a session ale meant to facilitate easy drinking and “long discussions” of politics, but the brewery also explains it’s legitimately trying to do more than score easy advertising by making fun of the sitting U.S. president — 5 percent of sales are being set aside to “help reverse a questionable policy.” In true democratic form, which policy will be decided by popular vote; the brewery says that in the coming weeks, it will let people nominate a nonprofit or charitable group on its website, and the one that racks up the most votes will get the donation.


Pravda Brewery

“The President of the divided states of America”

A Brewer in Eastern Europe created the perfect new beer in honour of President Donald Trump (and perhaps, the wall he promised the American people). An Imperial Mexican Lager.

The label features the current POTUS, the wall he campaigned to build separating Mexico and the U.S., Putin in a “Make America Great Again” hat, Kevin McAllister from Home Alone (a movie that Drumpf had a small part in, in the 1990’s), and a sign which reads “Free Melania”.


Dumb Donald (Trump Beer)
Spiteful Brewing

“Don’t fight it, spite it!”


Dumb Donald is well, dumb. So dumb in fact, Spiteful Brewing named a beer after him. It’s like he got caught in a pause half way through evolution. His brain still functions, at a minimal level with a vocabulary of a second grade student… you might even start to feel sorry for this man-child. Resist that urge, pop open this key lime DIPA and pretend you’re on a far away island where Dumb Donald doesn’t exist.


Friends don’t let friends vote Drumpf – Short Fingered Stout
(Trump Beer)
Dock Street Brewing Company

“Short fingered stout”


Beer has always, throughout history, been a key ingredient in the recipe for revolutionary ideas. In that spirit, Dock Street Brewery created this series to declare their disdain for Drumpf, and to extend a little nod of solidarity to their friends, fans and neighbors that also believe the United States deserves better representation – on a national and international platform – in the race to be Commander in Chief. We just can’t wrap our well-coiffed heads around a candidate who encourages his supporters to attack protesters at his rallies, wants to limit access to the U.S. based on religion, and flagrantly manipulates facts and data. Oh yeah, and that ridiculous wall idea? Come on.


Chinga Tu Pelo (Trump Beer)
5 Rabbit Brewery

Translation: “Fuck your Hair”


If you think this beer’s label looks like a lot like 2016 presidential candidate … you’re right. This beer started out as Trump Golden Ale, served at Trump Towers as a house beer. That was, until Donald Trump made comments in his recent speeches characterizing some illegal hispanic immigrants as criminals and lawbreakers. That sentiment didn’t resonate well with Andres Araya, owner of 5 Rabbit Cerveceria, a Latin-American themed brewery. Those comments prompted them to sever their ties with Trump Tower completely.


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