Ugly Beer Christmas Sweaters to Wear on Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day 2018 lands on Friday, December 21st. We know you love beer, and everyone loves a good ugly Christmas sweater, so why not mix the two? This year, rock an ugly Christmas sweater that features your favourite beverage: beer!

Ugly Beer Christmas Sweaters to Wear on Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

What is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?

Feeling bored? Uninspired by life? Do you need four cups of coffee just to break the monotony of the 9 to 5? Fortunately, there is one special day in December that will alleviate these common maladies. That day, my friends, is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on Friday, December 21st, 2018!

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is about proudly sporting your favourite ugly Christmas sweater for the entire day…regardless of circumstances. Wear it to school, to work, to a funeral, to your sister’s wedding. Got an important interview on Friday? Oops, tough luck. Worried the judge will increase your sentence if you show up to court in an ugly Christmas sweater? Sorry bud, no exceptions. Share this special holiday with your friends and your favourite beers!

For more information about Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, visit the official website.


10 Ugly Beer Christmas Sweaters for the Holidays


Sloth <3’s Beer Ugly Christmas Sweater


This sweater is perfect for anyone who loves sloths as much as they love beer. This 100% cotton soft knit sweater comes in five different sizes (S-XXL) and is completely machine washable.
Buy it from Amazon for only $38.21


Drunken Elves Sweater for Christmas


The festive and humorous pattern will help bring holiday cheer no matter where you are. This sweater is perfect for anyone who’s planning on getting “wastey-pants” with their friends on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.
Buy it from Amazon for only $35.99


Santa Claus is my Homeboy Ugly Sweater


If you think you’re extra tight with the big man in red, then this ugly Christmas sweater is perfect for you! You can even cheers your beer with Santa while wearing it! This ugly Christmas sweater is a little on the pricier side, but we think it’s worth it.
Get yours now from Amazon for $81.60


Holiday Cheers! Beer Pocket Sweater


This sweater has a pocket for you to hold your beer in and if that isn’t enough to convince you to buy it then I don’t know what is…
Get it know from for $59.99


Panda Party Christmas Sweater


Are you a panda lover? Then this ugly Christmas sweater is the one for you! Although we don’t condone animals drinking alcohol, this sweater is too good/cute/funny to pass up! You’ll be a hit with this totally random ugly Christmas sweater over the holidays.
Purchase the sweater on Amazon for $30.51


Beer Pong Ugly Holiday Knit

A beer pong game and sweater all in one! This “You Sink It, We Drink It” beer pong graphic sweater comes with velcro balls for an interactive fun play experience. This is the perfect sweater to wear on Christmas morning or your annual ugly Christmas sweater party. Don’t know how to play beer bong? Have no fear, JustBeer is here to help!
Get this sweater from Urban Planet for only $20.00


Santa’s Beer Hat Ugly Xmas Sweater


Think that nobody loves beer more than you? Wrong! Santa is the biggest beer lover there is! Show everyone how much you support Santa’s beer drinking by rocking this ugly, ugly sweater on National Ugly Sweater Day.
Buy now from Amazon for $36.99


All I Want For Christmas Is…


Rock this holiday sweater and everyone will know what you’re asking for from Santa this year. This sweater is perfect if you’re planning on singing karaoke on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. You can sing All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey and change the word “you” to “beer”, and point to your sweater every time.
Get this awesome sweater now from for $13.99 – $40.99 (depending on size)


Light Up Sexual Santa Christmas Sweater


Feeling a little sexual this holiday season? Or maybe you’re spending Ugly Christmas Sweater Day with your bae? This is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for you. Also, did we mention it LIGHTS UP?!
Order it now from Amazon for $53.56


Bottle Opener Ugly Beer Sweater


It’s safe to say that we saved the best for last. This ugly Christmas sweater is for ultimate beer lovers only! This sweater is a little more expensive than the others but we think it is 100% worth it! 4 reasons why this might be the best holiday sweater ever: 1. Santa. Beer. Duh. 2. Christmas lights! 3. Neoprene patch on the left arm cuff that keeps your beer cold. 4. A bottle opener on the left arm cuff.
Buy this amazing sweater now from Etsy for $82.96


Happy Holidays & Have A Great National Ugly Sweater Day!

Do you have a beer-related ugly sweater that you want to show off? Send us a picture and we will feature you in this post and on our social media!


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