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Vancouver Island Brewing Gets a Make Over

New machinery gives Vancouver Island Brewery an opportunity for a rebranding and new beer possibilities.

Vancouver Island Brewing Gets a Make Over

Veteran B.C. craft brewery Vancouver Island Brewing is getting a new mill and growler filler system, so to go along with these new additions they also decide to revamp their branding and give theirbeers a new uniform look. Peruse the list below:


Vancouver Island Brewery gave the following info in a press release:

Vancouver Island Brewery has put a lot of effort in ensuring the beers are of the best quality available. A new mill will allow for more efficient grain use and a state of the art Gruber Growler filler, known to be the only one in Canada, will a see a decrease in fill time so the brewery can serve customers faster. All beers will be vegan. This is only possible because of their state of the art centrifuge, which eliminates the filtering process, removing the use of filtering agents which can sometimes use products like isinglass which is made from fish bladder.

The new VI line-up is currently available in a variety of formats and locations throughout British Columbia.

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