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VIDEO: The Story of Beer and Its Origins

Here are some ancient beer facts that every beer connoisseur should know.

VIDEO: The Story of Beer and Its Origins



1.Ceramic vessels dating back to 3,400 BCE have been unearthed in Mesopotamia with sticky beer residue on them.

2.The “Hymn to Ninkasi” is an ode to the Sumerian goddess of beer, and dates back to around 1800 BCE.

3.Dogfish Head has recreated a similar beer called “Midas Touch,” which is based on ingredients found in a 2,700-year-old drinking vessel that was discovered in the tomb of King Midas.

4. Barley-based beer was invented by Sumerians in Mesopotamia Over 5,000 years ago.

5. In ancient times, beer was drunk through straws to prevent grain hulls from being consumed with the beverage.

By: Christopher Myers

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