What do Dads Really Want for Father’s Day?

Everything you need to know about makes a good and bad Father’s Day gift!

What do Dads Really Want for Father’s Day?

Dad’s can be hard to shop for on Father’s Day. Between the socks, ties, tools, and beer, it can be hard to tell if your dad actually likes his gifts.

But maybe it’s not about a physical gift, but more about a fun experience to spend as a family! Studies show that dad’s appreciate fun experiences significantly more than physical items. So let’s talk about that!


The Study: What do Dads Really Want?

An Abacus study conducted in 2021 on 1,500 Canadian fathers found that the most popular gifts given on Father’s Day were food (41 per cent), clothing (39 per cent), and alcohol (28 per cent).


Source: Nation Survey of Canadian Adults, June 4-8, 2021, n=1500
Source: National Survey of Canadian Adults, June 4-8, 2021, n=1500

However, according to the dads, some of the gifts they most want to receive include spending time with family (17 per cent), a homemade gift/card (16 per cent), and a hobby related gift (9 per cent).

A study conducted on 2,000 American dads found similar trends. It found that three in four dads (about 76 per cent) preferred an experience on Father’s Day, rather than a physical gift. In fact, the top gift that the study found 47 per cent fathers most desired, was a phone call. A big, juicy steak (41 per cent), and some peace and quiet (38 per cent), trailed closely behind.

Do dad’s actually want beer for Father’s Day?

Beer actually didn’t top the list for either study when it came to what dads wanted most for Father’s Day.

FathersdaybeerThe Abacus study found that only 2 per cent of the father’s surveyed that year wanted a gift of alcohol. A surprisingly small amount. In the same vein, the American survey found that 35 per cent of the fathers surveyed wanted an ice cold beer or two. While that number is a lot higher, it only made it to the middle of the ranking.

So maybe it’s not the best idea to gift your dad beer only, unless he’s a diehard beer enthusiast.


What gifts to avoid giving your dad

While two out of five fathers in the Abacus study suggested that there was no such thing as a bad Father’s Day gift, it might still be a good idea to buy your father a good gift. In fact, 27 per cent of those father’s expressed that not receiving a gift was the worst gift on Father’s Day.

Of course all dads are different. They all have different interests and hobbies, and that’s what makes them so great. But there may be some gifts you’ll want to steer clear of, unless you’re dad makes it explicit it’s something he wants.

The lowest ranking gifts that fathers had surveyed for are as follows: ties at 5 per cent, socks at 4 per cent, clothing items at 3 per cent, and gift cards at 1 per cent. While there are fathers out there who would really appreciate these Father’s Day gifts, other (quite a large amount according to this study), wouldn’t be too thrilled with them.

Can you still gift your dad a beer?

Lots of dads still love beer! But it can get kind of lonely when you drink it on your own.

Instead of buying your dad a single case of beer for his lonesome self, buy a case of beers for you and the family tbeersand dadso share over a nice dinner. Maybe take him out to a restaurant or bar, or even a beer tasting event in your city. Whatever you do, make sure he doesn’t end up downing a bottle of beer all alone.

Beer is never a bad Father’s Day gift, so long as you’re drinking it together!

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