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What is a Cascadian Dark / Black Ale?

Black Ales, also known as Cascadian Dark Ales or Black IPAs (India Pale Ales) are a type of American ale that are very dark brown or black in colour.

What is a Cascadian Dark / Black Ale?

What is a Black Ale?

Black Ales are a type of American ale that are very dark brown or black in colour.

Black ales, often called Black IPAs or Cascadian Dark Ales, are dark, hoppy beers with medium carbonation that originate in America. They often contain caramel or roasted malt flavours, but can also contain fruity or floral flavours as well.


Black Ale Essential Information:


Style Region:



Black Ales are very dark brown or black in colour. (Typically an SRM of 34-38). These hazy beers usually contain medium rising bubbles that are sometimes visible to the drinker.

Flavour & Aroma of Black Ale:

Black ales have a dark and roasty beer profile. These beers often contain caramel, malt or dark, roasted flavours and aromas. Black ales are fairly hoppy with a typical IBU of 50-70.

Black Ale Palate & Mouthfeel:

You can expect variable levels of carbonation with a bit of weight, a soft body and a medium to short finish in a Black / Cascadian Dark Ale.

What foods pair well with Cascadian Dark Ale?

Black ales pair amazingly with strong cheeses, such as aged gouda or blue cheese. For desserts, chocolate and caramel flavoured baked goods also pair well with Cascadian Dark Ales.

How to serve a Black Ale:

Black ales are best served at 50-55 degrees fahrenheit (approximately 10-12°C). In a tulip glass, which are typical glassware for German beers. These beers are often served with a squeeze of lemon.


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