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What is a Hefeweizen?

Hefeweizen: a German wheat beer (Weizen) that is unfiltered; brewed with the yeast left suspended in the beer.

What is a Hefeweizen?

What is a Hefeweizen?

Hefeweizens are a type of German wheat beer (Weizen) that are unfiltered– meaning they are brewed with the yeast left suspended in the beer.

“Hefe” is the German term for “yeast”, not the specific beer style. “Weizen” meaning “wheat” is the style. So essentially, a Hefeweizen is a yeast wheat beer.

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Hefeweizen Essential Information:


Style Region:



Hefeweizen beers are straw to amber in colour. (Typically an SRM of 3-9). These hazy beers usually contain fast rising bubbles that are visible to the drinker.

Flavour & Aroma of Hefeweizen:

Hefeweizens tend can have fruity flavours and aromas, like banana, or phenolic ones, like clove, typically due to the yeast. The beers have low malt-sweetness and hop-bitterness.

Hefeweizen Palate & Mouthfeel:

You can expect variable levels of carbonation with a bit of weight, a smooth texture and a fairly short finish in a Hefeweizen.

What foods pair well with Hefeweizens?

Hefeweizens pair amazingly with foods with a rich or sweet flavur. Such as seafood or pork. These German-style beers also pair very well with cheese, cheesecakes and key lime pie.

How to serve a Hefeweizen:

Hefeweizens are best served at 40-45 degrees fahrenheit (approximately 4-7°C). In a tall, sloping vase-like glass, which are typical glassware for German beers. These beers are often served with a squeeze of lemon.

Comparable styles to Hefeweizens:

German Weizens and Belgian-style Witbiers are comparable to Hefweizens.


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