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What Made Me Get Into Reviewing Craft Beer?

“The Craft Beer Movement” is something that has been growing for sometime. People wanted different things, and brewers wanted to think outside of the box. Seeing beers in Europe evolve into masterpieces, North America wanted in! I know that when I was in liquor stores in Alberta a few years back, I saw the shelves grow with beers I never even heard of from all over the world!

At the time this was happening, I was actually reviewing music. I was trying to pass the time while going through a difficult time. I was looking for something that would help me get my voice out there. I tried to work on movie reviews, but putting in the hours to edit and try to get the footage from DVD’s wasn’t easy. So I turned to music. I was doing reviews for Broken Neck Radio, an online Metal radio station that is run by a very good friend of mine out of my home town. It wasn’t easy doing that and I wanted to expand more! I looked online to see that there wasn’t many (or so I thought) beer reviewers, so I jumped on board.

Thanks to a beer I found in the Co-op Beer and Wine Store near my house called The Mama Mia Pizza Beer. This beer was my calling, so I had to review this! I already had a handful of hours under my belt of videography and I had been reviewing metal music for over a year. I knew I could do this. So I went and grabbed this beer and the Duvel Beer and decided to go for it!

I knew nothing about hops… or what a Barley Wine beer was… I just jumped in with two feet and went for it. What I found was a community that is so awesome! People are treated with respect and they are understanding when you say you don’t like a beer. They KNOW that things will never be perfect, but when they are….. it is a beautiful thing! I have been so enraptured with this that I have spent a lot of money to get beers to review that I should have stocks in a barley farm or something!

For me, being a reviewer is awesome, I have met so many great people over the four years I have been doing this that I am now fully involved in the community and I don’t ever want to give that up! It all is because of one beer! For them I thank them! I have come a long way, and I hope my passion shows in my reviews!

I give you … my very first video (try not to laugh too hard). My review of the Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer and Duvel Beer!

Cheers my friends! Here’s to many years more of great friends and beers!

What Made Me Get Into Reviewing Craft Beer?

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